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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spending Christmas in a hotel room

The very first time I spent Christmas in Makati was in a hotel room with my hubby and children. /We occupied three rooms and in one room , we gathered together and exchanged gifts. No food served. We had our dinner earlier. We are all here in Manila because my eldest daughter's husband is confined at Makati Medical Center.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

God hears my prayer

                I am just worried about reddish spot  on the skin of my grandchild and as usual , I prayed to God that he will do some healing  on the skin of Francis. I put his hand on his mouth to be filled with saliva and let his finger touch the red spot. Some ointment were also used and it helped but I had my strong belief that it was Him who healed. The red spot is now starting to disappear from his skin. The cause is some insect bites or some food. Francis seemed allergic to them

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome Home Ma. Lorna, Eugene, Francis Carl , and Cian Matthew

Ma Lorna  and her children arrived in Davao City last Monday night.December 12. Her husband is still in Manila but he will be coming before Christmas. They came from Ireland. It was a happy day for all of us. Nick, JM, and Justin came over to welcome them. Claire could not come  because she and her family has just left the country for Texas last August 23.   We are all glad to see you and spend Christmas with your families. We love you.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Justin at 15 months

         Justin was born in Australia. He is a cute little boy who does errands greatly.Every time his mom requested him to do such thing as giving things to persons, keeping things in proper place, etc, he promptly does it. And his best asset is his ready smile for everyone. I enjoy  it when he say es for yes , ta for thank you , is for promise yet he correctly pronounce Nana , papa, tita, , dada, mama. .All my grandchildren are goodlooking boys and girl. They are the envy of many of my friends and co-workers.
        Justin is now here in the Philippines with his parents for a long vacation and will be back to Australia in January 2011. Seeing Justin for the first time lifts my spirit and fills my heart with joy. Hope to see the other boys as soon as they come here to visit us. I missed them. .

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Welcome home Nick, JM, and Justin

            It was a red -letter day. Nick , Jm, and  their one year old son arrived from Manila. They came all the way from Sydney,  Australia. It was amazing to see Justin since his birth. He is a cute , handsome little boy. Nick is still the same handsome guy and my daughter, ever the lovely girl looks wonderful.
           JM gave each one of us a cellphone . She also gave me a set of jewelry, a bottle of perfume , and a ladies' bag. She also  brought home some items like chocolates, egg slicer, sony radio clock for her father and one of the most treasured items is a Christmas card coming from JM ' s parents-in-law, Bob and Sue. Leighanne got a new Dora Laptop which she sometimes called " internet". Thank you so much , Nick and Jm for these beautiiful items
         We will treasure them.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Household Budget

                   You may be wondering why after all these years, you still have no good financing scheme. A simple budget can be made by you but I would like to say that following this simple budget may help  you and your family. Here it is. For every  money that you receive, regardless of the amount. allot  50 percent for necessities, 30 percent for miscellaneous, 10 percent for savings and 10 percent for giving. Necessities include food, light and water bills, education for children, your kitchen needs,etc. Miscellaneous  include  your unexpected visit to doctor, trip etc. Giving includes your allowance for children in going to school, salaries for helpers, payment for extra jobs, etc. Savings must be kept in a bank.
                   Happy Budgeting.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Comfort, Comfort My People

            Isaiah40:1 says " comfort, comfort My people. Says your God". "  I know many people are suffering- illnesses, extreme hunger, pain, death of loved ones, lost of loved ones and many other types of pains.  I want to surrender all their sufferings to God. And  to these people, surrender them. God can carry the load more than what you carry. And He is there, just waiting for us to tell Him. Sometimes, we decide on things and not consult God first. In short, we judge according to our will and ways.
           Simple matters are taken into our hands without God' blessings. When I prayed that Ma. Venus Raj will enter into the finals and was granted, I then come to realize that her answer to the question raised by one of the judges is based on her will. God did not dictate Maria the right answer. Venus Raj's answer was her own. Major, major reason why she answered that is because is was right for her and not right for others. Many celebrities and non celebrities gave their supposed answer to the question. It cost her the crown? Perhaps , yes.  It is a big comfort that she still wins.  Folks, there is always a second chance. God does not allow us to carry load which is not bearable. there is always Him who is the Master of solutions to every problem.
           Strong faith in Him is all what we need.  Let God carry the burden. He is willing to carry them. He lightens our load. God bless us all.

Never despair

            When I expect the worst thing to happen , I just say to myself, " Let it be" It's part of life plan to have it happened. Worst comes to worst, I don't want to get worried nor wish for death. You are blessed because you do not have some heart disease. I do have. I saw on you tube how souls suffered after death. I always put in mind that heaven is pure with no single sin committed by a soul and if with sin, it is totally forgiven. As I had a vision of the devils before, I always wish for heaven. And I hope to receive a good and inspiring death with Jesus and Mama Mary on my side.
            Fire penetrate the soul without decay and like an open fire, souls are thrown upward bouncing with one another. Souls are also placed in one tunnel according to the sins and punished then transferred again to another and there punished for other sins committed. .And this is continually done without end. Hell is a torture chamber. We do not know when we die. But we do know that hell is punishment for sins.
            The real reason why I quit my job and retire early  at this age and do not wish to retire at age 65 is that I want to stay away from the source of sin. Sins  must be  totally eradicated.. I  opted to quit than put my soul at stake. At home , my only job is to do household chores, be quiet for a while and  the internet which is a panacea for me.  God bless and pray for always.


                My three year old  granddaughter Jamie put the light off and she said," Mommy, off"  I instructed her to put the lights on  which she did. I pointed to the bulbs and she said, " off "  She also pointed correctly to the " on"" lighted bulbs. When I pointed to one bulb that was off, she said  " Mommy,  it is not off but  brown-out."


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


        Charice is one singer that I admire most.. Her struggle to help her family is one of a kind. She joined  almost 100 singing contests  to help feed her family. Her mom is her hero. Her talent  is a gift. She had no formal training in music and yet she can sing the song as clearly and  beautifully . To be called " laser beam " is something.
         She can easily hit the high note as instructed and she does it perfectly. I am addicted to Charice way of singing. Her humility , sense of humor, responsibility as a child among others make me truly admire her.  Her voice has improved through the years. As the only Asian singer whose album belongs to the top 10 in Billboard. Charice fame is parallel to that of Manny Pacquiao. While Manny is in boxing, Charice is in music. Both of them have contributed  in giving honor and prestige to our country. More power to the two celebrities . To Mr. David Foster, thank you so much. I am truly inspired by your music..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One of the best days of my life

I requested from the following:  Holy Rosary, Holy Water, Scapular.( Brown and green )  . There were two envelops handed to me by the postman yesterday morning, one was for my neighbor who was not around ( I gave the envelope to him in the afternoon.) The other envelop was for me and when I  open it, there I saw the items. I was so happy. The feeling of  awe when I saw the Holy Water from France. Thank you Mama Mary.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank you , Lord

When I am in fear, I seemed to have forgotten that there is the Lord who will want to carry the fear for me. I forgot that He had restored the beating of my heart to normal. So  blessed to have the courage to call an office  for an advice. I was so afraid of the result but when she gave me an assurance, I felt relieved. What was the fear about will be told next time I write.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Leighanne sings

       Leighanne  wants to take a bath and  she stood facing the faucet  She sang Twinkle , twinkle little star..After pouring some water on her head, she sang  the composition of  her uncle  
Tommy for his wife, Maria Clarinda. She sang " Maria Clarinda, baby " repeating it many times and sang to the original tune. Leighanne is only three years old but she is such a smart girl.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My real ambition in Life

        Much as I have the qualities and the quantities to become a school principal , I never worked out my papers. to  become a school principal  I passed the principal's examination and had been appointed officer in charge many times. I am outsmarted by my co-teachers. 
        My looks are simple. I do not wear make-up. Hardships and trials  are  my companions in life. .  I almost died when I was young, having been  thrown into the river by my cousin even if I did  not know how to swim. I almost died of heart ailment. GOD must be hearing me all the times. I keep hoping and praying to enter the Kingdom of Heaven , my real ambition in life.  God has been good to us these past years.My family can eat good food, enjoy amenities in life, courtesy of my children. But no one can give me the happiness I longed for, the Kingdom of Heaven. It is only God who can give me that. I had a vision of devils  which I fought against with the help of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Mama Mary  helped me, too. I prayed fervently.and the devils vanished from my vision after three to four days  of praying.
        I had learned  the practice of the old folks to say " Tabi po" ( Excuse me ) every time I urinate in the dark or in unknown place.  It is now taboo for me.  Why asked the unknown bad spirits  for excuses to urinate. Afraid of bad things to happen ?   I asked God to accompany me when I urinate anywhere in the dark because the devil is always afraid of God. When I am afraid, I asked God to be at my side because I am in fear. God was really there because after some minutes my heartbeat comes back to normal.
        I hope and pray that my children share the same ambition with determination to go to heaven. and to practice living free of sin.  GOD BLESS US ALL

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Advice to mothers

  Internet could  pose problem to interest in study, In some ways, yes, But the use of internet is beneficial to young people. Guide your children in Math and all other difficult subjects. In You Tube, let your children write the topic which they need further explanation. Not only that, other websites have simple explanations. Just type in the URL any topic and it will open to the site . Rather than allowing your children to play games on the internet why not help them in their lessons by typing the topic on You tube. Mothers can be of help to the children who are poor in Math, Science or other subjects  by the use of internet. Try it. It helps. God bless.

Internet is a big help, Thanks God.

When my daughters bought computers for home use, I was so happy. I have read online that old people who use the internet can prevent Alzheimer's  disease . And I  believe on that study. It helps me. On top of that , I further came to know God, the blessed Virgin Mary  and the teachings of the Bible. God bless my children for the wonderful gift. I am trying to gain more rest than spend more time on it because I have an insomnia. I hope that I can be of help to non-believers of God. Faith in God is my strength in calling Him to cure  illness in the family and  my guide to saving my soul. .

Pray the Holy Rosary

This is link of  Sr. Elena about the earth''s future and it is gaining ground.  Events of the earth are proofs. Please pray the Holy Rosary everyday of your life. I want people to believe before it is too late, I had a vision of how the devil looks like when I got sick and confined at the hospital. There were hundreds of them who tried to weaken my faith and get  me. It was only my firm belief in God that saved me from possible death through heart attack. I had my first illness in my heart . I prayed  and prayed and it saved me from death.  Pray the Holy Rosary everyday before it is too late. 

You may type on you tube " Sr. Elena warns of Russia and their secret armies "  Read the details

Monday, August 30, 2010

Leighanne wants to sleep

At 7 months old,  Leighanne had a habit of plowing her head on the pillows before she slept.. Eventually this stopped when she learned  to stand up on.the eight month.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today is a big day in our lives. There are events marking this day. Some may be sad . Some could be full of fun like celebrating birthdays, promotions, travel,.and many more. Count this day as a gift from God. Do not worry about tomorrow. God will take care of it. Your plans before could have been been answered today.God is there for us. Enjoy today.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Leighanne was barely  two years old when these pictures were taken. She wanted to answer the phone call. We were able to capture that moment. Her aunt Claire was on the other line.



Blessings from God

        Count your blessings from God and thank Him. God will add more. Counting your problems day by day without asking God in prayer to solve them   and complaining to yourself and others about problems. Life is a blessing in itself. I have than it before . In prayer, I complained to God regarding my problems. Will it no longer end? But God, being a loving Father, was in control. I just did not understand Him at all. 
      When we are suffering, we forget that Jesus suffered the most . We said our prayer in lip service. We memorized the " Our Father "   and any prayer taught to us. Yet our prayers are not sincere. God is listening to our prayers. He sees what are  in our hearts. Simultaneously, God has the power to answer prayers of millions of people on earth in one moment.  Consult God first before making decisions. We have  many failed decisions because we did not consult God first.
        God has saved me from instant death. God allowed me to defeat  evil spirits through my prayers. I am really thankful to God to have given me second life. I asked God to be with my children . I am sure that God is with them and for them. God makes all things possible.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hard boiled eggs

      I noticed  many cracked eggs when I boiled them.   Being a Science teacher, I recalled some principles. Like a balloon, when exposed to heat, it explodes when the heat temperature reaches its maximum. The hot lava, ashes of a volcano will also find its way to the crater once it explode. So , I decided to prick the egg with a needle on the round part of it so that when  the egg heats up, it would not crack. The hot water content will go up to the small hole opening.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Child at play

Kaegan wanted to do his first crawl . He tried but failed. His cousin Jamie was there to follow him. It was a sight worth watching.
                                     Jamie and Kaegan

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adgitize but read thoroughly.

When we adgitize, let us read the present and past blog . There are articles that  are helpful as they are
the blogger 's  personal experiences. Do not leave  the blog quickly   to adgitize more .

Household Tips

   1. Half-cooked rice- Pour water into a cup at half-full  and put it  on top of the half-cooked rice. Cover and
put under low fire.

   2. Hot water scalding - Pour cooking oil on the affected area. Wait until the pain  stopped.  Do not put
 anything    on the red mark except the oil. Water and oil do not mix. So, the hot water evaporates.

  3. Gizzard of animal break the stones that they  have  eaten    Gizzard can break  kidney stones in human  beings       too   Remove the white membrane lining the inside of the gizzard of a native chicken and wash it. Let it dry.. In a glass of water, put dried gizzard membrane and drink the water. It is somehow bitter in taste. You can repeat it in as many times as you can. Gizzard of chicken is a good food too.

   4.  My pomelo tree  did not bear fruits for many years.  I cut the main branch and  other branches leaving only four to five . This allowed new branches to grow and  bear fruits. We harvested  many sweet , juicy pomelos later.

   5. Urinary tract infection- I suffered this ailment a long time ago. It was painful. Upon advice, I gathered the plant sinaw sinaw /shiny bush /olasiman. This  grows in your garden . It has a shiny leaf . and thrive without watering for many days.I washed  the plants without removing the roots, boiled a pitcher of water with the leaves. I drank the water and had to consume the water in one morning. Soon, I urinate that sometimes without notice water came out of my body even before reaching the toilet.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thank you, bloggers

I take  this opportunity to thank bloggers for their time and efforts in reading my blog" Bloggers from Sampaloc, Rizal,  Benguet, Sweden, Singapore, the USA, Davao City, Ireland, Australia, and Vietnam , thank you,

Mount Apo climbers

               At the entrance of our subdivision, one can see a breathtaking view of Mount Apo on a clear day. Only clouds can hinder the view. Mount Apo  is the highest peak in the Philippines. It is overlooking Davao City. It  can be seen from other places in southern part of Mindanao. Its elevation is 2,954 meters.
             My second daughter had wished to climb Mount Apo. One day, she told me that she would climb the mountain. I never thought about it seriously until her college friends  planned about climbing. Though exhausted from the college intramurals where she was one of the softball players . Their team won.  Together with her classmates and professor, they climbed the mountain. Unfortunately, her own pictures were destroyed by flood .
            My youngest daughter had shared  her thoughts of climbing Mount Apo. The opportunity came when the  head of  office planned Mount Apo climbing during the company's anniversary. There were many employees who signed in and  joined. My daughter was one of them. My daughters had also their own stories to tell regarding their experiences in mountain climbing,
              Shown below is my daughter Jesenie at the top of Mount Apo.


Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Justin's Birthday -August 14

                                   Justin and Mom JM


Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Lady of Fatima

     Honor the Immaculate Conception. Pray the Rosary daily. Pray for the consecration of Russia. .

Our school journalists

           Marlene   was my student in the high school. She represented the school in the Division Secondary School Press Conference. I know her potential as a good writer and she won. We went to Saroma Convention Center for the Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference in Digos City , Davao del Sur. Another winning student, Jocelyn, was with us. I was their moderator and coach. While there, I told these students to try their best. With some knowledge and talent in writing. Marlene won 3rd place in Feature Writing. She was one of the ten winners in Feature writing category  who qualified for the National Secondary Schools Press Conference (NSSPC ) in Olongapo City.
         Marlene became  a school  celebrity. However, the PTA could only finance the trip of one delegate  to the NSSPC. I got worried for Marlene because aside from going alone during the trip , she needed a chaperon-coach  to further enhance her writing ability. I told Marlene to go to Olongapo without me. She was sad . It was also her first trip to Olongapo City. I sought the help of my friend to act as chaperon to Marlene.  Her student also won in the contest. I gave some notes to Marlene about writing. Although, hesitant to leave,  the honor to represent the school weighed more than the hesitations she had in mind. Although Marlene did not win:, I was still very happy for her.  In March, Marlene graduated as Valedictorian and was given the award as"Journalist of the Year"..
        Marlene became my role model for other students to follow . She is now based in Sweden. To you Marlene, thank you for representing our school in all contests in Journalism.
        Jocelyn  is a talented student- journalist. Together with Marlene, we went to Saroma Convention Center for the Regional Schools Press Conference. Although she did not win, Jocelyn was my representative the following year to the same venue. This time, she won; and the privilege to represent Davao City  in the NSSPC which was held in Surigao del Norte. Unfortunately, the school  cannot afford again  to send two delegates. For the second time , I felt  frustrations for not accompanying my winning writers. The only encouraging words I gave to my writers is " I won' t accept no for an answer because I know you got the talent and you can make it. Do your best.". These same words were mentioned by Jocelyn  when she was our school's commencement speaker.  Jocelyn went to the National Secondary Schools Press conference without me. I let her go with the same teacher who accompanied Marlene in going to Olongapo. Jocelyn graduated Valedictorian. and also received the award as Journalist of the Year. She taught college and has been going to other countries for further work and studies. She went to Thailand and is now in Australia on scholarship grant.

            Maria Clarinda is my second daughter who won in News Writing in ( English ) in the division level.  She became the school's delegate to the regional contest. I was her companion. It was a two hour trip to General Santos City. It was during our trip that her tooth ached. It was a terrible pain.. I gave her a pain reliever but the pain did not subside until the contest proper. She tried to rest because the next day would be the contest proper. I let her sleep most of the time to ease the pain but woke up writhing in pain again. The next day, she tried to practice writing news. I coached her and gave her again a pain reliever. The pain continued until the result was announced. She did not make it. Maria Clarinda graduated as Salutatorian in high school. she became a teacher but quit  teaching after a year. She married a Texan guy and together with their seven-month old baby son, they  will be leaving for the USA this month.I wish my daughter the best of everything. God is with you and for you and your family.

         Analyn  was a school transferee of Maa National High School. She was recommended to me by Frivie, her classmate . So I accepted her membership as one of my writers in the school's newspaper.       Fortunately, Analyn won fifth place in Feature Writing in Filipino. We went to the Regional level contest. She got the third place. Analyn was one of the ten delegates of Region XI  for Feature Writing to the National Secondary Schools Press Conference held in Baguio City.  Together with our school principal, Analyn and I traveled by land transportation from Davao City to Baguio City. It was a very exhausting trip, sitting  on the bus seat for three days and two nights. The bus stopped during meal times and during body calls.. We arrived in Baguio City late in the afternoon. The next day, Analyn and I explored  some places in  Baguio City by ourselves. the following morning.. We went to Mine's View Park . I  told Analyn to do her best and seek the help of Almighty God for guidance and wisdom. The contest was  held in the afternoon
         She told me that the featured write-up was about Baguio City. The day of announcement of the winners came. I was sincerely hoping that Analyn would win a prize.  The tenth place down to the third place winners were announced.  I was already losing hope for a win. When the emcee announced the first name of the second placed winner, It seemed  a ray of hope beamed down on me and then the middle name was announced and I   was already beaming with smile because she had an A  as middle initial. Then the full name, I jumped with joy, She too jumped .  It was an unexpected win because our co-delegate was also from a prestigious school in Davao City  but unfortunately. she did not win. It was our first national award in  Journalism.   Until now, I do not know the whereabouts of Analyn. She did not graduate with honors because she was a transferee.   She , however, received the " Journalist of the Year " award. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blogger friends

Hello everybody:
            I appreciate all your visits to my site. Thank you all!  God is with you and for you.


 Francis - July 13   
          Hi Francis. Your birthday with your friends and family was the happiest moment. We all love you, langga. Happy birthday. Smile sa grandma bi. Pagka cute sa smile o.

Claire   -July 29

" May you have many blessings and more birthdays to come. We all love you. "
                                 Claire and son Kaegan
 Justin- August 14

           Hello Justin. It will be your birthday on the 14th of this month. Wishing you Happy Birthday. We all love you. Your smile is your greatest asset. Keep it on. You never fail to charm us with your simple smile.


Why everyone must pray

           Serve God today. It might be late when you serve God tomorrow. Do not pray at the church only. Pray any time. We can say our prayer while working, while bathing. Let  God  wash our soul as we wash our body. When we eat, let God feed our soul as we feed our body. 
          Inside a vehicle, let God sit beside the driver for safety and for God to oversee other drivers on other sides of your vehicle. When we work, let God make our work easy so that we wont get easily tired. Let God enroll your son or daughter to high school or college. Let God find means to give college education to your children. Give your sufferings to God because He will stop it. Trust God. He is a great provider. 
          Practice the habit of greeting God.We make the mistake of greeting our superiors or our teachers when we met them but we forget to greet God. Say, " Good morning , Lord " God  will be happy to hear that. 
          When one urinates in public place, it is a practice to say," Tabi po" especially during the night One is  seeking evil spirit's approval in that manner. Why not pray to God to accompany you in an unknown place to urinate .The evil spirits will go away when God is your companion.
           Let God be your Physician. Let God examine first your sick loved ones before  you see a doctor. Pray everyday, everywhere.Prayer can be done without kneeling. Many miracles happened during your instant prayers. Pray to God the Father in Jesus name. Let the Holy Spirit be with us always. Each person has a devil on his side, tempting him to commit  sin. Let the angel of God be with us , too. 
          Pray without ceasing. God is just waiting for our call.

Our Lady of Fatima

        I attended a prayer meeting at Loved Flock. We  honored our Lady of Fatima by saying the Hail Marys 2000 times. The First Saturday of the Month is truly inspiring.The prayer started at 12:00 noon and ended at 11:00 pm
       My secret wish was granted. Thank you , Lord.  Also, the food offered was delicious.  A mass was held in the evening. I take this opportunity to request readers to pray for the consecration of Russia. Here is the link to the Holy Rosary-
      I am also inviting you, readers, to visit the Our Lady of Fatima website. It's
       You can also request Holy Water, Holy Rosary and scapulars.  Please pray the Rosary daily. Let us give the Lord our time to honor and pray to Him.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

An encounter with evil spirits

          As I type this post, I am listening to Christian songs on You tube. I want God to be with me.

           My husband and I went to a school to enroll my daughter and see her college dean.   I was  not feeling well because of muscular pain on my leg.. It was afternoon and there were many students at the second floor of the building where the cashier's and registrar's offices are located. Some students were verifying their grades before enrolling,  Others were busy filling up their forms. 
          We asked for the location of the college dean. We passed the hallway and walked to the end of the building and we saw  two people, a man and a woman, inside the room. We asked  them ,though we were only at the door,  where the office of the dean was. We were told to go upstairs. As we walked our way  back to look for the dean's office, we did not see the students on the same floor of the building. We wondered.  It was strange because there were many students  around. We only saw classrooms.  We  went upstairs and asked a man we met,. He did not bother to answer us.  So, we went downstairs, and still the second floor  was empty, just classrooms. We went downstairs and walked on a path leading outside the building.
         We went  back to the second floor and there  we saw the students and the offices  and asked again for the office of the dean. and we were told that it is located on the third floor. We went upstairs passing the room where we saw the two people.  Upstairs, we finally saw the dean. We inquired about my daughter's performance. She helped us in the enrollment and she volunteered to look for the next schedule of classes of my daughter. As we arrived home, I noticed that something unusual happened to me.. I started to feel pain in my body  and told my husband and sister-in-law that I want to see a faith healer . He arrived  an hour later and began his ritual of healing. Later on , he surrendered and told my husband that he could not help me.He said , there were forces behind his healing .  I felt some pain in my heart and told my husband to bring me to the hospital. while inside the taxi, I prayed to God to let me reach the hospital on time. 
                At the emergency room, the doctor examined  my condition.  I was brought to the ICU. While there, noises of various machines attached to other patients bothered me so much. As I closed my eyes, images of the evil spirits haunted my vision. I opened my eyes. I could not believe what I saw. I did not shout for help because  other patients would be disturbed. I opened my eyes and saw other patients. They were suffering like me. My heart's beat was abnormal.. I opted to close my eyes again. Various images of the devil  occupied my vision again. This time, the frequency of their appearance was after  every second. 
              I had the idea that they wanted to get me. I prayed to God not to leave me. If I closed my eyes for an hour, flashes of different forms of the devil  appeared on my vision  by the hundreds. But I had to close my eyes in order to sleep. Sleep wouldn't come, the images kept haunting me.  Sounds of the machines did not make me sleep. I told the nurse who was observing the monitor that  I couldn't sleep  . I requested to be transferred to another room.     
            They brought me to the CCU.  There were two heart patients  lying on their respective beds. I learned that one was to be airlifted to Manila for further treatment while the other patient was in coma and dependent on life machine.  I heard the hospital is awaiting for the arrival of the daughter, a doctor from the USA, to make decision on what to do with the condition of her father..
          The devils did not stop haunting me. They appeared every time I closed my eyes. They would not appear when I opened my eyes or in dream when  I fall asleep.  Clinging to my prayer, I asked God's help that should I die, I would go with Him. I asked the Lord not to give me to the devil. I kept on praying for God's presence. The devil would show me images of God but the images would change into their form. I oftentimes asked, " Is that you, Lord? " I never  ceased praying as the images appeared.   If I were to be asked for their number,   it may have reached thousands since they flashed repeatedly every other seconds. 
               I asked the Lord  to let me hold His white robe so that I wouldn't be taken by the devil. I would prefer to be last in the line for as long as I enter the kingdom of heaven. Yes , I was not afraid of death if it was God 's  will . I just wanted to enter heaven.  As my condition  worsened,  I asked the hospital nurse if they had a Holy Bible  and a Rosary. She gave me the book and rosary and requested her to open the Bible on Psalm 91. I further requested her that should something bad happened to me, she would seek the help of Mother Theresa. I put the Bible on top of my heart and prayed the Holy Rosary. Soon  I slept, not remembering if I had finished praying the Rosary.
                Constant beating on three different areas of my body  - my abdomen, heart, and forehead was a great torture. I remembered the story of my husband during their training in the military  when a soldier  was asked for preferred punishment. When he chose beating with a finger on his forehead every second and lasted for an hour or more, it was painful and the soldier would collapse.The beating I felt was a pain but I went through it with prayer since the devil did not stop haunting me. As the doctor examined me, the devil did not stop. I did not bother to tell the doctor about the images. 
               It was the hospital chaplain  whom I told about the images. He prayed for me and gave me my daily communion. The images haunted me for three days and three nights. Their faces are the worst I have  ever seen.   No horror film images can equal them. They were  horrible and they came in various sizes, color, and forms.
              I did not stop praying and soon, the images began to lessen their appearances. Until the fourth day, the images no longer appeared. I requested to be transferred to a ward as  I was already feeling better .             There, I perspired profusely. My hospital attire became wet. I thanked the Lord  God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for not leaving me . I also thanked the Virgin Mary for her intercession. It helps to pray.
           I know that in a near death situation , the devil would resort to his last attack to get a dying person. Had I cried and shouted for help, I would have died  any moment as my heart will gave way to fear and possible death.. My faith in God gave me strength to survive from the onslaught of the devil. It was a horrible experience. I can only tell my readers not to wish for a death while sleeping or death through accident as there is no chance for repentance. God's help comes even in near death when the faith is strong . Never surrender to death without asking God's help and forgiveness.  It is written in the Bible that death is at its worst pain. For me, I would prefer to die when I am conscious because I would still have the chance to seek God's help at the last moment of my breath.. A dying person's mind is semi-conscious although  he can not talk because I know God is waiting for a repentant soul at the moment of his death.

             NEVER CEASE TO PRAY.  God is mighty wonderful and loves us.

God is my Physician

                When a member of the family is sick, I oftentimes ask for help from   everyone's  Physician, God. I always ask God to examine the whole body of my sick loved ones. God has His own way of curing a sick person. He uses instrument like the medical doctor if He wanted the sick member to be examined and I am not complaining because God knows best.  Before consulting a doctor, seek God's help first. It works.

Pictures of my grandchildren:

                       The girl:

                       The boys:

                           Kaegan at 6 months

Three year-old Francis and one year- old Cian

                             One year old Justin

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stage Decoration

              My extra work as stage decorator in the school did not earn me compensation.  It is service beyond the call of duty. I cut letters after office hours, even bringing  the materials at home. For 38 years, I am always assigned to decorate  the stage during programs -Filipino Week, Nutrition Month, Foundation Day, Commencement Exercises , among others.  Last March , I suggested that we  use the tarpaulin and for the first time, I was able to relax a bit. My stock of letters  made from styrofoam are stored in  a cabinet. I will soon recycle the styrofoam into Christmas decors. 
            I got my first assignment on stage decoration when I was in college. I was a student teacher that time and the high school principal requested me to decorate the stage.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tooth worm

       When my daughter was still young, she had a terrible toothache. She cried of too much pain  I got the talong-talong seeds which I bought from  stall. I put the seeds on a piece of broken earthen pot and and burnt it. When it turned dark brown, I placed  it under a coconut shell . Then I got a papaya stalk, cut it and inserted it on the hole of the coconut .Adding water to allow  smoke ,  I let my daughter sipped on the  papaya straw and told her to allow the smoke to stay inside her mouth for  a few minutes. Then I gave her water to gurgle and spit the water on a large bowl. We saw moving worms ( 11 white and one black ).  
           I added alcohol and the worms were swimming. They are Y- shape and   look  like trap-jaws  of the ant ( see Wikipedia ) that snap-shut  biting on tooth muscle, thus, making it very painful.. My daughter told me that her tooth no longer ache, then went out and play with other kids.. When my children suffered tooth ache, I always think of the talong-talong seeds which I could not find anymore in stall.  How I wish I could get hold of these seeds. It is the best  cure for  toothache. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Do not leave your refrigerator open.

          During my college , I had a bad experience with somebody who cleaned the refrigerator. My cousin told me that she would get inside the refrigerator. I told her," Are you crazy ? " She kept on cleaning the refrigerator, removed all the accessories inside.I went downstairs and I had a gut feeling of something unusual.
          I called my cousin but she didn't answer. I immediately opened the refrigerator, and there was my cousin inside, sitting, bluish and gasping for breath. I asked her why she did that.  She said that after cleaning, she got inside and she could not push the door open. She was very weak. I told  her that I could be liable to answer whatever happened to her inside because we were  the only people left at home. My cousin and I lived in the same house of my aunt and the family are out for work or school. My cousin was grateful that I was able to open the door on time. Death was  possible since she could be suffocated and vacuumed inside the refrigerator.
  .       My aunt scolded her too. After some years, she was able to marry a foreigner and live in the USA She has a beautiful house in our hometown, Camiguin. I recounted her ordeal  when we met for the first time after so many years of not communicating with each other.

Caution: Never leave your child when you clean your refrigerator. Accident may happen. Return the accessories immediately after cleaning.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saliva can cure

          Saliva from the salivary gland is secreted to aid in the digestion of fats. It moistens  the food  and helps   bring it down the esophagus.  Many believed that saliva is dirty. But saliva contains antibacterial disinfectant ( see Wikepedia).

         I believed that saliva can also cure. Jesus treated a sick person using His saliva.  I tried  it. At  the back of my ear was a boil that was painful. that  if left untreated might become a tumor. I uttered a silent prayer asking God to cure  my  infected  ear and without talking , I put some saliva on my finger and touch my infected ear. I did  it several times  during the day and the next days. Everyday, the boil gets smaller until it disappeared.
        Another case was when  a mole at the back of my waist is painful to the touch, As in the first practice, I uttered a prayer and put some saliva on the infected area and repeating it many times during the day. Again, it disappeared after a few treatment using my own saliva.

       My five month grandson's left cheek had a  swelling red mark caused by a mosquito bite. and it   became  noticeably bigger.. Without talking I said a silent prayer and then put the child's finger under his mouth and  put the saliva laden finger tip on the affected part of the face and did it several times during the day until  the swelling red mark. disappeared.

       Saliva  is my first-aid cure on some wounds. It  is my own saliva and I don't find it dirty. I just make sure my hand is not dirty before putting it under my mouth. I am not recommending  that you  should try this.After all, it is my own belief. that it cures.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

God's power at a prayer meeting.

God has His own way of granting wishes. It was my third Friday attendance in a prayer meeting of Loved Flock. At the entrance and upon registering,  there is another table  where one can write the names of persons whom he or she wants God to grant what is being wished for. I wrote the name of my daughter Maria Clarinda on a yellow pad paper. There were many names written  under the heading VISA APPROVAL.  There are sets of papers with different headings: Health, Reconciliation, Souls in Purgatory, Financial , Stable Job, etc. With a guest speaker of the day, I am inspired to listen to the person . We sang, prayed , and listened to God's Words for the day.  Praying together, asking the Holy Spirit's presence , singing praises in honor of God. This morning , my daughter text a friend telling her that her visa is approved. I got the information from her friend who is also our neighbor as I am not using a cellphone. Actually, my daughter married  a guy from Texas and they have a son who was born here. He came to be with them in Manila . He arrived from the USA  yesterday. the interview was scheduled this morning. I thanked God for His love for all of us and for my daughter who hurdled the interview. God made it easy for her to answer questions. Praise God. The family arrived  Davao early in the evening.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A trip to Camiguin, Philippines

            Last May 21, my husband and I went to Camiguin, my home province, to attend the wedding of my niece, Janise. to Rey Roselim. The house where I stayed belonged to our late parents.  My sister and her family live with them when   they     were still living . They made some repairs on the house and it now looks good. Manang Nening's son is the caretaker of our inherited land  located   near our house  The land is not yet subdivided among us. We are all seven children.
           I took some pictures of  beautiful spots of the province. Camiguin  is  an island found in the northern part of Cagayan De Oro City. Philippines.It is a place  worth visiting again , hence,  Camiguin  is  " Come again . The day after the wedding, we toured the island  and stopped at some tourist spots  to take a bath. The Ardent Hot Spring is one of the places I visited again. There is a set of pools. One of the pools has a temperature of 39 degrees Celsius where many believed to have a healing effect on swimmers who suffered from some ailments. The water flows down the mountain and yet it never runs out of hot water. Next on our itinerary is the Sto. Nino Cold Spring, so cold that I could not stay in the water longer than 10 minutes. The island of Camiguin is a favorite tourists destination and I am glad that I was born there.
      The Ardent Hot Spring. On the right is the writer sitting on   
      the    rock.  The pool has    a temperature    of      39 degrees
      Celsius. Lukewarm water is found at the   left and  the upper
    middle   pool has  flowing    water   at normal temperature.

Benoni Port.  The parcel of land which we inherited
ia located on top of a hill fronting the port

The Island of Mantigue as viewed from Mahinog, one of the
    towns of Camiguin

Coconut trees are planted on our lot.
The beautiful island of Camiguin


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jamie, the little photographer

Jamie is only three years old when she took these pictures. Her subjects range from people, plants ,things or whatever captures her imagination. Take a look at all her photography shots. Below is Jamie who celebrated her 3rd birthday last March 31,2010

Jamie's camera shots:

Jamie took this picture  last May,2010

Jamie's grandfather Jessie

Jamie's grandfather Jessie and her father, JN

flipflop, rug , and chair

Jamie's grandfather

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Faith of a Child

         At the age of three, Jamie shows appreciation for all the things she  has. Last night , Jamie said, " Thank you Lord for my family."  For the listeners, they were amazed.  Jamie is trained to greet the Holy Trinity every morning and thanking them after. One time, the taxi we were riding was stuck in a heavy traffic. We waited for an hour  before the taxi could moved on. Unexpectedly, Jamie  said, "Oh, thank you Lord , we have moved on."  Jamie does not like quarreling  among  adults in the house, She would be quick to say, " Don't quarrel . just have a talk."  One should not raise his or her voice when one is angry
         Jamie will not hesitate to report to the Lord when you have done wrong. Young as she is, her faith in God is slowly gaining ground. Hope she grows as a  good faithful of Christ.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

How to divide a number by 2

When I divided a large number by 2 , doing the division on paper, It took me some time before I got the final answer . As I studied each number, I found out that the number can be divided by 2 using this method. Note this one:

4534685734 / 2

The rule is simple.
1. Simply get one-half of each number. If the number is odd, half of that number carries a fraction 1/2. But write only the whole number on the quotient.
Add 10 to the next number on the dividend and get one half of it.

             4 5 3 4 6 8
--------------------------- = 2 2 6 7 3 4
1/2 of 4 is 2
1/2 of 5 is 2 1/2; write 2 as quotient and add 10 to the next number, 3 ; 3 becomes 13
1/2 if 13 is 6 1/2, write 6 as quotient and add 10 to the next number, 4 ; 4 becomes 14
1/2 of 14 is 7
1/2 of 6 is 3
1/2 of 8 is 4

The answer is 2 2 6 7 3 4

Hot Water Scalding

I attended a seminar in Mathematics. Our trainer, during break time, told us how to treat hot water scalding. While she was in Baguio City, her husband at home in Davao City called her by cellphone that his chest was accidentally poured with hot water. She told her husband to remain calm and instructed him to get some unused cooking oil and pour it on his chest. . He should never wipe it nor touch it. An hour passed and her husband called her that his chest was healed without a blister . It was totally healed as if nothing happened.
One time, while I was pouring very hot water in a thermos bottle, my entire hand was accidentally scalded with hot water coming from the kettle. It was so painful that I cried . I remembered the advise of my trainer in Math. I immediately poured some cooking oil on my entire hand. It hurt but I just kept calm, and my hand kept burning. An hour later, the pain was relieved. I saw my hand did not have any blister and it was back to my normal skin. Thank you, Lord for giving us a trainer in Math who shared her knowledge in treating hot water scalding.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A teacher named Avelino

I was assigned to handle fourth year class. It had to be the initial class. The school was on its fourth year of operation . I need to have no less than 30 students or the class will be dissolved. The PTA had exerted much effort to open a high school in my barangay. I visited respective homes of my students and encouraged them to enroll in the Fourth Year . Many enrolled except one whose name is Avelino ". The first visit, he told me he would stop going to school. I felt the frustration at his refusal to enroll. He had varied reasons : helping his parents in their livelihood, he was the oldest among the students ( he was 25 at that time). In my second visit, I sought his parent's help. Still, his reasons were the same and added another. Th enrollment had to be closed two days later, It was in my fifth visit that I told him to enroll and drop after the head count of students by the supervisor. He looked at me straight in the eye and said." Count me in , I will enroll but I will stop after the headcount."

He was voted vice-president of the class. I started to enhance his potential as a speaker, The headcount came after a month. Two weeks passed and still observing him, expecting him to drop. No words came from him regarding his plan. He continued and became a member of the first batch of graduates. They were 24 graduates. Six of them did not make it. Two had transferred to another school in another province, the other four dropped due to distance from school, hiking 7 kilometers to reach school , financial problems, etc.

Avelino graduated as Salutatorian and awarded "Orator of the year" He also received award for excellence in Filipino subject.

He went to college and obtained a degree in Secondary Education. After years of teaching in another public school, he transferred and became my co-teacher. He would tell our co- teachers how happy he was that I did not stop encouraging him to continue his studies.

I know Avelino can no longer read this blog if he opens it by chance. He partially lost his sight due to diabetes. His daughter, also my student , passed the latest nursing exam I am happy for you Avelino, May God bless you always.