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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

God's power at a prayer meeting.

God has His own way of granting wishes. It was my third Friday attendance in a prayer meeting of Loved Flock. At the entrance and upon registering,  there is another table  where one can write the names of persons whom he or she wants God to grant what is being wished for. I wrote the name of my daughter Maria Clarinda on a yellow pad paper. There were many names written  under the heading VISA APPROVAL.  There are sets of papers with different headings: Health, Reconciliation, Souls in Purgatory, Financial , Stable Job, etc. With a guest speaker of the day, I am inspired to listen to the person . We sang, prayed , and listened to God's Words for the day.  Praying together, asking the Holy Spirit's presence , singing praises in honor of God. This morning , my daughter text a friend telling her that her visa is approved. I got the information from her friend who is also our neighbor as I am not using a cellphone. Actually, my daughter married  a guy from Texas and they have a son who was born here. He came to be with them in Manila . He arrived from the USA  yesterday. the interview was scheduled this morning. I thanked God for His love for all of us and for my daughter who hurdled the interview. God made it easy for her to answer questions. Praise God. The family arrived  Davao early in the evening.

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