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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Welcome home Nick, JM, and Justin

            It was a red -letter day. Nick , Jm, and  their one year old son arrived from Manila. They came all the way from Sydney,  Australia. It was amazing to see Justin since his birth. He is a cute , handsome little boy. Nick is still the same handsome guy and my daughter, ever the lovely girl looks wonderful.
           JM gave each one of us a cellphone . She also gave me a set of jewelry, a bottle of perfume , and a ladies' bag. She also  brought home some items like chocolates, egg slicer, sony radio clock for her father and one of the most treasured items is a Christmas card coming from JM ' s parents-in-law, Bob and Sue. Leighanne got a new Dora Laptop which she sometimes called " internet". Thank you so much , Nick and Jm for these beautiiful items
         We will treasure them.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Household Budget

                   You may be wondering why after all these years, you still have no good financing scheme. A simple budget can be made by you but I would like to say that following this simple budget may help  you and your family. Here it is. For every  money that you receive, regardless of the amount. allot  50 percent for necessities, 30 percent for miscellaneous, 10 percent for savings and 10 percent for giving. Necessities include food, light and water bills, education for children, your kitchen needs,etc. Miscellaneous  include  your unexpected visit to doctor, trip etc. Giving includes your allowance for children in going to school, salaries for helpers, payment for extra jobs, etc. Savings must be kept in a bank.
                   Happy Budgeting.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Comfort, Comfort My People

            Isaiah40:1 says " comfort, comfort My people. Says your God". "  I know many people are suffering- illnesses, extreme hunger, pain, death of loved ones, lost of loved ones and many other types of pains.  I want to surrender all their sufferings to God. And  to these people, surrender them. God can carry the load more than what you carry. And He is there, just waiting for us to tell Him. Sometimes, we decide on things and not consult God first. In short, we judge according to our will and ways.
           Simple matters are taken into our hands without God' blessings. When I prayed that Ma. Venus Raj will enter into the finals and was granted, I then come to realize that her answer to the question raised by one of the judges is based on her will. God did not dictate Maria the right answer. Venus Raj's answer was her own. Major, major reason why she answered that is because is was right for her and not right for others. Many celebrities and non celebrities gave their supposed answer to the question. It cost her the crown? Perhaps , yes.  It is a big comfort that she still wins.  Folks, there is always a second chance. God does not allow us to carry load which is not bearable. there is always Him who is the Master of solutions to every problem.
           Strong faith in Him is all what we need.  Let God carry the burden. He is willing to carry them. He lightens our load. God bless us all.

Never despair

            When I expect the worst thing to happen , I just say to myself, " Let it be" It's part of life plan to have it happened. Worst comes to worst, I don't want to get worried nor wish for death. You are blessed because you do not have some heart disease. I do have. I saw on you tube how souls suffered after death. I always put in mind that heaven is pure with no single sin committed by a soul and if with sin, it is totally forgiven. As I had a vision of the devils before, I always wish for heaven. And I hope to receive a good and inspiring death with Jesus and Mama Mary on my side.
            Fire penetrate the soul without decay and like an open fire, souls are thrown upward bouncing with one another. Souls are also placed in one tunnel according to the sins and punished then transferred again to another and there punished for other sins committed. .And this is continually done without end. Hell is a torture chamber. We do not know when we die. But we do know that hell is punishment for sins.
            The real reason why I quit my job and retire early  at this age and do not wish to retire at age 65 is that I want to stay away from the source of sin. Sins  must be  totally eradicated.. I  opted to quit than put my soul at stake. At home , my only job is to do household chores, be quiet for a while and  the internet which is a panacea for me.  God bless and pray for always.


                My three year old  granddaughter Jamie put the light off and she said," Mommy, off"  I instructed her to put the lights on  which she did. I pointed to the bulbs and she said, " off "  She also pointed correctly to the " on"" lighted bulbs. When I pointed to one bulb that was off, she said  " Mommy,  it is not off but  brown-out."


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


        Charice is one singer that I admire most.. Her struggle to help her family is one of a kind. She joined  almost 100 singing contests  to help feed her family. Her mom is her hero. Her talent  is a gift. She had no formal training in music and yet she can sing the song as clearly and  beautifully . To be called " laser beam " is something.
         She can easily hit the high note as instructed and she does it perfectly. I am addicted to Charice way of singing. Her humility , sense of humor, responsibility as a child among others make me truly admire her.  Her voice has improved through the years. As the only Asian singer whose album belongs to the top 10 in Billboard. Charice fame is parallel to that of Manny Pacquiao. While Manny is in boxing, Charice is in music. Both of them have contributed  in giving honor and prestige to our country. More power to the two celebrities . To Mr. David Foster, thank you so much. I am truly inspired by your music..