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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Welcome home Nick, JM, and Justin

            It was a red -letter day. Nick , Jm, and  their one year old son arrived from Manila. They came all the way from Sydney,  Australia. It was amazing to see Justin since his birth. He is a cute , handsome little boy. Nick is still the same handsome guy and my daughter, ever the lovely girl looks wonderful.
           JM gave each one of us a cellphone . She also gave me a set of jewelry, a bottle of perfume , and a ladies' bag. She also  brought home some items like chocolates, egg slicer, sony radio clock for her father and one of the most treasured items is a Christmas card coming from JM ' s parents-in-law, Bob and Sue. Leighanne got a new Dora Laptop which she sometimes called " internet". Thank you so much , Nick and Jm for these beautiiful items
         We will treasure them.

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