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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shiny Bush ;Pansit-Pansitan ( Peperomia Pellucida Linn.)

               This herb is very beneficial if you have urinary tract infection , arthritis or gout.  A few years back, I had been suffering from acute urinary tract infection. My co-teacher told us the benefits of shiny bush. I asked her many questions regarding the plant. She told me that her aunt also had a serious urinary tract infection that her urine had traces of blood. She was cured by taking  the shiny bush. 
               I was also suffering urinary tract infection and it was painful.  I gathered  many shiny bushes which grow in our garden until now. I washed them.  With a ratio of one glass of water to a handful of the herb,  I boiled 10 glasses of water with the herbs to make 7 to 8  glasses of the decoction of leaves and stem .
            I allowed it to cool. I drank the decoction as often as I  could in just two hours.  Soon, I began to urinate many times during the day and the pain was gone.  It also lowers cholesterol according to some studies.