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Thursday, August 5, 2010

An encounter with evil spirits

          As I type this post, I am listening to Christian songs on You tube. I want God to be with me.

           My husband and I went to a school to enroll my daughter and see her college dean.   I was  not feeling well because of muscular pain on my leg.. It was afternoon and there were many students at the second floor of the building where the cashier's and registrar's offices are located. Some students were verifying their grades before enrolling,  Others were busy filling up their forms. 
          We asked for the location of the college dean. We passed the hallway and walked to the end of the building and we saw  two people, a man and a woman, inside the room. We asked  them ,though we were only at the door,  where the office of the dean was. We were told to go upstairs. As we walked our way  back to look for the dean's office, we did not see the students on the same floor of the building. We wondered.  It was strange because there were many students  around. We only saw classrooms.  We  went upstairs and asked a man we met,. He did not bother to answer us.  So, we went downstairs, and still the second floor  was empty, just classrooms. We went downstairs and walked on a path leading outside the building.
         We went  back to the second floor and there  we saw the students and the offices  and asked again for the office of the dean. and we were told that it is located on the third floor. We went upstairs passing the room where we saw the two people.  Upstairs, we finally saw the dean. We inquired about my daughter's performance. She helped us in the enrollment and she volunteered to look for the next schedule of classes of my daughter. As we arrived home, I noticed that something unusual happened to me.. I started to feel pain in my body  and told my husband and sister-in-law that I want to see a faith healer . He arrived  an hour later and began his ritual of healing. Later on , he surrendered and told my husband that he could not help me.He said , there were forces behind his healing .  I felt some pain in my heart and told my husband to bring me to the hospital. while inside the taxi, I prayed to God to let me reach the hospital on time. 
                At the emergency room, the doctor examined  my condition.  I was brought to the ICU. While there, noises of various machines attached to other patients bothered me so much. As I closed my eyes, images of the evil spirits haunted my vision. I opened my eyes. I could not believe what I saw. I did not shout for help because  other patients would be disturbed. I opened my eyes and saw other patients. They were suffering like me. My heart's beat was abnormal.. I opted to close my eyes again. Various images of the devil  occupied my vision again. This time, the frequency of their appearance was after  every second. 
              I had the idea that they wanted to get me. I prayed to God not to leave me. If I closed my eyes for an hour, flashes of different forms of the devil  appeared on my vision  by the hundreds. But I had to close my eyes in order to sleep. Sleep wouldn't come, the images kept haunting me.  Sounds of the machines did not make me sleep. I told the nurse who was observing the monitor that  I couldn't sleep  . I requested to be transferred to another room.     
            They brought me to the CCU.  There were two heart patients  lying on their respective beds. I learned that one was to be airlifted to Manila for further treatment while the other patient was in coma and dependent on life machine.  I heard the hospital is awaiting for the arrival of the daughter, a doctor from the USA, to make decision on what to do with the condition of her father..
          The devils did not stop haunting me. They appeared every time I closed my eyes. They would not appear when I opened my eyes or in dream when  I fall asleep.  Clinging to my prayer, I asked God's help that should I die, I would go with Him. I asked the Lord not to give me to the devil. I kept on praying for God's presence. The devil would show me images of God but the images would change into their form. I oftentimes asked, " Is that you, Lord? " I never  ceased praying as the images appeared.   If I were to be asked for their number,   it may have reached thousands since they flashed repeatedly every other seconds. 
               I asked the Lord  to let me hold His white robe so that I wouldn't be taken by the devil. I would prefer to be last in the line for as long as I enter the kingdom of heaven. Yes , I was not afraid of death if it was God 's  will . I just wanted to enter heaven.  As my condition  worsened,  I asked the hospital nurse if they had a Holy Bible  and a Rosary. She gave me the book and rosary and requested her to open the Bible on Psalm 91. I further requested her that should something bad happened to me, she would seek the help of Mother Theresa. I put the Bible on top of my heart and prayed the Holy Rosary. Soon  I slept, not remembering if I had finished praying the Rosary.
                Constant beating on three different areas of my body  - my abdomen, heart, and forehead was a great torture. I remembered the story of my husband during their training in the military  when a soldier  was asked for preferred punishment. When he chose beating with a finger on his forehead every second and lasted for an hour or more, it was painful and the soldier would collapse.The beating I felt was a pain but I went through it with prayer since the devil did not stop haunting me. As the doctor examined me, the devil did not stop. I did not bother to tell the doctor about the images. 
               It was the hospital chaplain  whom I told about the images. He prayed for me and gave me my daily communion. The images haunted me for three days and three nights. Their faces are the worst I have  ever seen.   No horror film images can equal them. They were  horrible and they came in various sizes, color, and forms.
              I did not stop praying and soon, the images began to lessen their appearances. Until the fourth day, the images no longer appeared. I requested to be transferred to a ward as  I was already feeling better .             There, I perspired profusely. My hospital attire became wet. I thanked the Lord  God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for not leaving me . I also thanked the Virgin Mary for her intercession. It helps to pray.
           I know that in a near death situation , the devil would resort to his last attack to get a dying person. Had I cried and shouted for help, I would have died  any moment as my heart will gave way to fear and possible death.. My faith in God gave me strength to survive from the onslaught of the devil. It was a horrible experience. I can only tell my readers not to wish for a death while sleeping or death through accident as there is no chance for repentance. God's help comes even in near death when the faith is strong . Never surrender to death without asking God's help and forgiveness.  It is written in the Bible that death is at its worst pain. For me, I would prefer to die when I am conscious because I would still have the chance to seek God's help at the last moment of my breath.. A dying person's mind is semi-conscious although  he can not talk because I know God is waiting for a repentant soul at the moment of his death.

             NEVER CEASE TO PRAY.  God is mighty wonderful and loves us.

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