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Monday, August 9, 2010

Our school journalists

           Marlene   was my student in the high school. She represented the school in the Division Secondary School Press Conference. I know her potential as a good writer and she won. We went to Saroma Convention Center for the Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference in Digos City , Davao del Sur. Another winning student, Jocelyn, was with us. I was their moderator and coach. While there, I told these students to try their best. With some knowledge and talent in writing. Marlene won 3rd place in Feature Writing. She was one of the ten winners in Feature writing category  who qualified for the National Secondary Schools Press Conference (NSSPC ) in Olongapo City.
         Marlene became  a school  celebrity. However, the PTA could only finance the trip of one delegate  to the NSSPC. I got worried for Marlene because aside from going alone during the trip , she needed a chaperon-coach  to further enhance her writing ability. I told Marlene to go to Olongapo without me. She was sad . It was also her first trip to Olongapo City. I sought the help of my friend to act as chaperon to Marlene.  Her student also won in the contest. I gave some notes to Marlene about writing. Although, hesitant to leave,  the honor to represent the school weighed more than the hesitations she had in mind. Although Marlene did not win:, I was still very happy for her.  In March, Marlene graduated as Valedictorian and was given the award as"Journalist of the Year"..
        Marlene became my role model for other students to follow . She is now based in Sweden. To you Marlene, thank you for representing our school in all contests in Journalism.
        Jocelyn  is a talented student- journalist. Together with Marlene, we went to Saroma Convention Center for the Regional Schools Press Conference. Although she did not win, Jocelyn was my representative the following year to the same venue. This time, she won; and the privilege to represent Davao City  in the NSSPC which was held in Surigao del Norte. Unfortunately, the school  cannot afford again  to send two delegates. For the second time , I felt  frustrations for not accompanying my winning writers. The only encouraging words I gave to my writers is " I won' t accept no for an answer because I know you got the talent and you can make it. Do your best.". These same words were mentioned by Jocelyn  when she was our school's commencement speaker.  Jocelyn went to the National Secondary Schools Press conference without me. I let her go with the same teacher who accompanied Marlene in going to Olongapo. Jocelyn graduated Valedictorian. and also received the award as Journalist of the Year. She taught college and has been going to other countries for further work and studies. She went to Thailand and is now in Australia on scholarship grant.

            Maria Clarinda is my second daughter who won in News Writing in ( English ) in the division level.  She became the school's delegate to the regional contest. I was her companion. It was a two hour trip to General Santos City. It was during our trip that her tooth ached. It was a terrible pain.. I gave her a pain reliever but the pain did not subside until the contest proper. She tried to rest because the next day would be the contest proper. I let her sleep most of the time to ease the pain but woke up writhing in pain again. The next day, she tried to practice writing news. I coached her and gave her again a pain reliever. The pain continued until the result was announced. She did not make it. Maria Clarinda graduated as Salutatorian in high school. she became a teacher but quit  teaching after a year. She married a Texan guy and together with their seven-month old baby son, they  will be leaving for the USA this month.I wish my daughter the best of everything. God is with you and for you and your family.

         Analyn  was a school transferee of Maa National High School. She was recommended to me by Frivie, her classmate . So I accepted her membership as one of my writers in the school's newspaper.       Fortunately, Analyn won fifth place in Feature Writing in Filipino. We went to the Regional level contest. She got the third place. Analyn was one of the ten delegates of Region XI  for Feature Writing to the National Secondary Schools Press Conference held in Baguio City.  Together with our school principal, Analyn and I traveled by land transportation from Davao City to Baguio City. It was a very exhausting trip, sitting  on the bus seat for three days and two nights. The bus stopped during meal times and during body calls.. We arrived in Baguio City late in the afternoon. The next day, Analyn and I explored  some places in  Baguio City by ourselves. the following morning.. We went to Mine's View Park . I  told Analyn to do her best and seek the help of Almighty God for guidance and wisdom. The contest was  held in the afternoon
         She told me that the featured write-up was about Baguio City. The day of announcement of the winners came. I was sincerely hoping that Analyn would win a prize.  The tenth place down to the third place winners were announced.  I was already losing hope for a win. When the emcee announced the first name of the second placed winner, It seemed  a ray of hope beamed down on me and then the middle name was announced and I   was already beaming with smile because she had an A  as middle initial. Then the full name, I jumped with joy, She too jumped .  It was an unexpected win because our co-delegate was also from a prestigious school in Davao City  but unfortunately. she did not win. It was our first national award in  Journalism.   Until now, I do not know the whereabouts of Analyn. She did not graduate with honors because she was a transferee.   She , however, received the " Journalist of the Year " award. 

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