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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why everyone must pray

           Serve God today. It might be late when you serve God tomorrow. Do not pray at the church only. Pray any time. We can say our prayer while working, while bathing. Let  God  wash our soul as we wash our body. When we eat, let God feed our soul as we feed our body. 
          Inside a vehicle, let God sit beside the driver for safety and for God to oversee other drivers on other sides of your vehicle. When we work, let God make our work easy so that we wont get easily tired. Let God enroll your son or daughter to high school or college. Let God find means to give college education to your children. Give your sufferings to God because He will stop it. Trust God. He is a great provider. 
          Practice the habit of greeting God.We make the mistake of greeting our superiors or our teachers when we met them but we forget to greet God. Say, " Good morning , Lord " God  will be happy to hear that. 
          When one urinates in public place, it is a practice to say," Tabi po" especially during the night One is  seeking evil spirit's approval in that manner. Why not pray to God to accompany you in an unknown place to urinate .The evil spirits will go away when God is your companion.
           Let God be your Physician. Let God examine first your sick loved ones before  you see a doctor. Pray everyday, everywhere.Prayer can be done without kneeling. Many miracles happened during your instant prayers. Pray to God the Father in Jesus name. Let the Holy Spirit be with us always. Each person has a devil on his side, tempting him to commit  sin. Let the angel of God be with us , too. 
          Pray without ceasing. God is just waiting for our call.

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