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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Lady of Fatima

        I attended a prayer meeting at Loved Flock. We  honored our Lady of Fatima by saying the Hail Marys 2000 times. The First Saturday of the Month is truly inspiring.The prayer started at 12:00 noon and ended at 11:00 pm
       My secret wish was granted. Thank you , Lord.  Also, the food offered was delicious.  A mass was held in the evening. I take this opportunity to request readers to pray for the consecration of Russia. Here is the link to the Holy Rosary-
      I am also inviting you, readers, to visit the Our Lady of Fatima website. It's
       You can also request Holy Water, Holy Rosary and scapulars.  Please pray the Rosary daily. Let us give the Lord our time to honor and pray to Him.

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