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Monday, August 27, 2012

My Friend Ellen

           Mrs Eleanor C. Caasi is one good friend whom I always admire- her work, the way she write figures. She has a good penmanship.  Whenever I passed by her office where she once worked  as our school treasurer , I could not help admiring her style of writing numbers. As  a  diligent teacher, Ellen had  very well-written and neat lesson plans and class records. My husband has a good penmanship and writes numbers very well, too.   Surely, they're trained during their accounting classes. in their respective schools. Ellen, as she is fondly called, is a fulfilled mother. Her sons and daughter are professionals. One of them is a priest  whom I also admire because of his homilies. 
         Ellen  never failed to tell  students to always  write their middle initials when they write their names with due respect to their mothers who carried them for nine long months  in their wombs and delivered them.  Ellen could  have left the country  for abroad but  could not leave her mother who is in her late nineties.   

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Generosity of a Young Girl

         Jamie, our only female granddaughter showed generosity even at the age of 2. Lately,carrying a  big can of milk with almost one-fourth of its content, she told us that she is giving her can of milk to another young girl standing beside her. She told us that she has still another can of milk for her consumption.  I have never encountered such gesture by a young girl.  Jamie is always like that, so generous. 
         She loves giving food or goodies to her friends but always inform us of what she is going to give.