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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


             A person who professed to practice his religion faithfully and yet abandons it gradually because another has come and saw that it is the best one.   Backsliding is most common. I  admit I am one of those people.  I promised to attend faithfully an activity in my religion but then, I started  abandoning it and I feel guilty. I say my rosary prayer everyday  and there are times I missed doing it.  I have profound faith that my religion is  a true religion. I respect other religions because we have one goal in common, God. It is our practices that sometimes we failed to practice our religion faithfully.
             We attend more on material things.  I do not believe when a person says that he is just human and falls into sin. Jesus became a human being and yet He did not allow Satan to tempt Him. It is our own decision to commit sin. God has no control over our will because we are given the freedom to choose between right or wrong.  I read Bible verses in Psalm 51  and 1 John 1:5-9. these verses help us when we backslide .  It is easy to fall into sin through backsliding. Heaven is pure and no one who sins against God can enter the kingdom of heaven.  Let us renew our faith daily with God.  God bless us all.