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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tooth worm

       When my daughter was still young, she had a terrible toothache. She cried of too much pain  I got the talong-talong seeds which I bought from  stall. I put the seeds on a piece of broken earthen pot and and burnt it. When it turned dark brown, I placed  it under a coconut shell . Then I got a papaya stalk, cut it and inserted it on the hole of the coconut .Adding water to allow  smoke ,  I let my daughter sipped on the  papaya straw and told her to allow the smoke to stay inside her mouth for  a few minutes. Then I gave her water to gurgle and spit the water on a large bowl. We saw moving worms ( 11 white and one black ).  
           I added alcohol and the worms were swimming. They are Y- shape and   look  like trap-jaws  of the ant ( see Wikipedia ) that snap-shut  biting on tooth muscle, thus, making it very painful.. My daughter told me that her tooth no longer ache, then went out and play with other kids.. When my children suffered tooth ache, I always think of the talong-talong seeds which I could not find anymore in stall.  How I wish I could get hold of these seeds. It is the best  cure for  toothache. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Do not leave your refrigerator open.

          During my college , I had a bad experience with somebody who cleaned the refrigerator. My cousin told me that she would get inside the refrigerator. I told her," Are you crazy ? " She kept on cleaning the refrigerator, removed all the accessories inside.I went downstairs and I had a gut feeling of something unusual.
          I called my cousin but she didn't answer. I immediately opened the refrigerator, and there was my cousin inside, sitting, bluish and gasping for breath. I asked her why she did that.  She said that after cleaning, she got inside and she could not push the door open. She was very weak. I told  her that I could be liable to answer whatever happened to her inside because we were  the only people left at home. My cousin and I lived in the same house of my aunt and the family are out for work or school. My cousin was grateful that I was able to open the door on time. Death was  possible since she could be suffocated and vacuumed inside the refrigerator.
  .       My aunt scolded her too. After some years, she was able to marry a foreigner and live in the USA She has a beautiful house in our hometown, Camiguin. I recounted her ordeal  when we met for the first time after so many years of not communicating with each other.

Caution: Never leave your child when you clean your refrigerator. Accident may happen. Return the accessories immediately after cleaning.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saliva can cure

          Saliva from the salivary gland is secreted to aid in the digestion of fats. It moistens  the food  and helps   bring it down the esophagus.  Many believed that saliva is dirty. But saliva contains antibacterial disinfectant ( see Wikepedia).

         I believed that saliva can also cure. Jesus treated a sick person using His saliva.  I tried  it. At  the back of my ear was a boil that was painful. that  if left untreated might become a tumor. I uttered a silent prayer asking God to cure  my  infected  ear and without talking , I put some saliva on my finger and touch my infected ear. I did  it several times  during the day and the next days. Everyday, the boil gets smaller until it disappeared.
        Another case was when  a mole at the back of my waist is painful to the touch, As in the first practice, I uttered a prayer and put some saliva on the infected area and repeating it many times during the day. Again, it disappeared after a few treatment using my own saliva.

       My five month grandson's left cheek had a  swelling red mark caused by a mosquito bite. and it   became  noticeably bigger.. Without talking I said a silent prayer and then put the child's finger under his mouth and  put the saliva laden finger tip on the affected part of the face and did it several times during the day until  the swelling red mark. disappeared.

       Saliva  is my first-aid cure on some wounds. It  is my own saliva and I don't find it dirty. I just make sure my hand is not dirty before putting it under my mouth. I am not recommending  that you  should try this.After all, it is my own belief. that it cures.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

God's power at a prayer meeting.

God has His own way of granting wishes. It was my third Friday attendance in a prayer meeting of Loved Flock. At the entrance and upon registering,  there is another table  where one can write the names of persons whom he or she wants God to grant what is being wished for. I wrote the name of my daughter Maria Clarinda on a yellow pad paper. There were many names written  under the heading VISA APPROVAL.  There are sets of papers with different headings: Health, Reconciliation, Souls in Purgatory, Financial , Stable Job, etc. With a guest speaker of the day, I am inspired to listen to the person . We sang, prayed , and listened to God's Words for the day.  Praying together, asking the Holy Spirit's presence , singing praises in honor of God. This morning , my daughter text a friend telling her that her visa is approved. I got the information from her friend who is also our neighbor as I am not using a cellphone. Actually, my daughter married  a guy from Texas and they have a son who was born here. He came to be with them in Manila . He arrived from the USA  yesterday. the interview was scheduled this morning. I thanked God for His love for all of us and for my daughter who hurdled the interview. God made it easy for her to answer questions. Praise God. The family arrived  Davao early in the evening.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A trip to Camiguin, Philippines

            Last May 21, my husband and I went to Camiguin, my home province, to attend the wedding of my niece, Janise. to Rey Roselim. The house where I stayed belonged to our late parents.  My sister and her family live with them when   they     were still living . They made some repairs on the house and it now looks good. Manang Nening's son is the caretaker of our inherited land  located   near our house  The land is not yet subdivided among us. We are all seven children.
           I took some pictures of  beautiful spots of the province. Camiguin  is  an island found in the northern part of Cagayan De Oro City. Philippines.It is a place  worth visiting again , hence,  Camiguin  is  " Come again . The day after the wedding, we toured the island  and stopped at some tourist spots  to take a bath. The Ardent Hot Spring is one of the places I visited again. There is a set of pools. One of the pools has a temperature of 39 degrees Celsius where many believed to have a healing effect on swimmers who suffered from some ailments. The water flows down the mountain and yet it never runs out of hot water. Next on our itinerary is the Sto. Nino Cold Spring, so cold that I could not stay in the water longer than 10 minutes. The island of Camiguin is a favorite tourists destination and I am glad that I was born there.
      The Ardent Hot Spring. On the right is the writer sitting on   
      the    rock.  The pool has    a temperature    of      39 degrees
      Celsius. Lukewarm water is found at the   left and  the upper
    middle   pool has  flowing    water   at normal temperature.

Benoni Port.  The parcel of land which we inherited
ia located on top of a hill fronting the port

The Island of Mantigue as viewed from Mahinog, one of the
    towns of Camiguin

Coconut trees are planted on our lot.
The beautiful island of Camiguin


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jamie, the little photographer

Jamie is only three years old when she took these pictures. Her subjects range from people, plants ,things or whatever captures her imagination. Take a look at all her photography shots. Below is Jamie who celebrated her 3rd birthday last March 31,2010

Jamie's camera shots:

Jamie took this picture  last May,2010

Jamie's grandfather Jessie

Jamie's grandfather Jessie and her father, JN

flipflop, rug , and chair

Jamie's grandfather

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Faith of a Child

         At the age of three, Jamie shows appreciation for all the things she  has. Last night , Jamie said, " Thank you Lord for my family."  For the listeners, they were amazed.  Jamie is trained to greet the Holy Trinity every morning and thanking them after. One time, the taxi we were riding was stuck in a heavy traffic. We waited for an hour  before the taxi could moved on. Unexpectedly, Jamie  said, "Oh, thank you Lord , we have moved on."  Jamie does not like quarreling  among  adults in the house, She would be quick to say, " Don't quarrel . just have a talk."  One should not raise his or her voice when one is angry
         Jamie will not hesitate to report to the Lord when you have done wrong. Young as she is, her faith in God is slowly gaining ground. Hope she grows as a  good faithful of Christ.