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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tooth worm

       When my daughter was still young, she had a terrible toothache. She cried of too much pain  I got the talong-talong seeds which I bought from  stall. I put the seeds on a piece of broken earthen pot and and burnt it. When it turned dark brown, I placed  it under a coconut shell . Then I got a papaya stalk, cut it and inserted it on the hole of the coconut .Adding water to allow  smoke ,  I let my daughter sipped on the  papaya straw and told her to allow the smoke to stay inside her mouth for  a few minutes. Then I gave her water to gurgle and spit the water on a large bowl. We saw moving worms ( 11 white and one black ).  
           I added alcohol and the worms were swimming. They are Y- shape and   look  like trap-jaws  of the ant ( see Wikipedia ) that snap-shut  biting on tooth muscle, thus, making it very painful.. My daughter told me that her tooth no longer ache, then went out and play with other kids.. When my children suffered tooth ache, I always think of the talong-talong seeds which I could not find anymore in stall.  How I wish I could get hold of these seeds. It is the best  cure for  toothache. 

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