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Friday, July 30, 2010

Do not leave your refrigerator open.

          During my college , I had a bad experience with somebody who cleaned the refrigerator. My cousin told me that she would get inside the refrigerator. I told her," Are you crazy ? " She kept on cleaning the refrigerator, removed all the accessories inside.I went downstairs and I had a gut feeling of something unusual.
          I called my cousin but she didn't answer. I immediately opened the refrigerator, and there was my cousin inside, sitting, bluish and gasping for breath. I asked her why she did that.  She said that after cleaning, she got inside and she could not push the door open. She was very weak. I told  her that I could be liable to answer whatever happened to her inside because we were  the only people left at home. My cousin and I lived in the same house of my aunt and the family are out for work or school. My cousin was grateful that I was able to open the door on time. Death was  possible since she could be suffocated and vacuumed inside the refrigerator.
  .       My aunt scolded her too. After some years, she was able to marry a foreigner and live in the USA She has a beautiful house in our hometown, Camiguin. I recounted her ordeal  when we met for the first time after so many years of not communicating with each other.

Caution: Never leave your child when you clean your refrigerator. Accident may happen. Return the accessories immediately after cleaning.

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