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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Faith of a Child

         At the age of three, Jamie shows appreciation for all the things she  has. Last night , Jamie said, " Thank you Lord for my family."  For the listeners, they were amazed.  Jamie is trained to greet the Holy Trinity every morning and thanking them after. One time, the taxi we were riding was stuck in a heavy traffic. We waited for an hour  before the taxi could moved on. Unexpectedly, Jamie  said, "Oh, thank you Lord , we have moved on."  Jamie does not like quarreling  among  adults in the house, She would be quick to say, " Don't quarrel . just have a talk."  One should not raise his or her voice when one is angry
         Jamie will not hesitate to report to the Lord when you have done wrong. Young as she is, her faith in God is slowly gaining ground. Hope she grows as a  good faithful of Christ.

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