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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saliva can cure

          Saliva from the salivary gland is secreted to aid in the digestion of fats. It moistens  the food  and helps   bring it down the esophagus.  Many believed that saliva is dirty. But saliva contains antibacterial disinfectant ( see Wikepedia).

         I believed that saliva can also cure. Jesus treated a sick person using His saliva.  I tried  it. At  the back of my ear was a boil that was painful. that  if left untreated might become a tumor. I uttered a silent prayer asking God to cure  my  infected  ear and without talking , I put some saliva on my finger and touch my infected ear. I did  it several times  during the day and the next days. Everyday, the boil gets smaller until it disappeared.
        Another case was when  a mole at the back of my waist is painful to the touch, As in the first practice, I uttered a prayer and put some saliva on the infected area and repeating it many times during the day. Again, it disappeared after a few treatment using my own saliva.

       My five month grandson's left cheek had a  swelling red mark caused by a mosquito bite. and it   became  noticeably bigger.. Without talking I said a silent prayer and then put the child's finger under his mouth and  put the saliva laden finger tip on the affected part of the face and did it several times during the day until  the swelling red mark. disappeared.

       Saliva  is my first-aid cure on some wounds. It  is my own saliva and I don't find it dirty. I just make sure my hand is not dirty before putting it under my mouth. I am not recommending  that you  should try this.After all, it is my own belief. that it cures.

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