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Monday, May 16, 2011

Kalumon Performing Ensemble

           The Kalumon Performing Ensemble performed at their best during the ABS-CBN show titled  "Showtime " last May 16. They came from Maa, Davao City. And you know what? Almost all of these performers were my former students. One of them is my nephew, Kenneth Beloy. He is  one of the rondalla players . Their directress and owner  is Elena Lim, also, my former student. One thing good was the audience who were unanimous in giving them a perfect score of 10.  
                 Also, all five judges gave them a perfect score of 10. My nephew, Kenneth, was the group's assistant choreogrpaher. He can dance , play any kind of instruments used by the group . Kenneth's mother is my sister and we both teach at Maa National High School in Davao City where these students are studying. Congratulations to the group.

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