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Sunday, February 27, 2011

God, the Weather, and My Faith in Him

         One occasion, we had a tour and  the sea was rough. I began praying.  I asked God to give us a good weather.  Later , the sun appeared  and the sea was calm. The trip went on as scheduled and we had a happy island tour.
         On many occasions or special events. I   always pray to God to clear the sky.  When the sky was  dark, I know God would allow the rain to pour to give way to a clear sky. Then stars began to appear. For many times, God always hears my prayer on weather.  
        The Holy Bible says that the apostles were so afraid that their boat almost sank and Jesus was sleeping. So little was their faith. Then Jesus calmed the sea. 
        God definitely hears us . He is always there, waiting for us to call upon Him. Our fear would dampen our spirits but if we trust God, He will calm us. Sometimes , I am lost. My daughter would remind me about my faith in God. Then I let God handle my problem.
        One  day, I asked God why up to that time, we were so hard up." Is there no end to our sufferings?", I asked Him. I joined a group who were having their prayer meeting. We prayed . Still God did not answer me.  I complained to Him.  
        My prayers were then given answers by God. He showered me and my family with so many blessings and I told my children to give back what we received.  We helped those who are in need. I joined a bigger group and God continued to bless us despite some trials and sacrifices. I know God is always there, willing to listen to me again. To those who will read this, May I tell you that the most trying moment was when I got hospitalized due to heart ailment. I was confined at the ICU and from there, visions of devils  began haunting me.  I did not shout but prayed.. I asked to be transferred to another room which I learned was the CCU.
         I surrendered myself to God. For three days and three nights, I was haunted by the vision of evil spirits. I wanted to hold God's garment . I wanted Him to let me join the line and   be at the last for as long as the line leads me to Heaven.  I was almost dying.  One   false move by shouting  because of fear of seeing the various forms of the devil, would lead me to instant death. I tell you, it was horrifying. I continued praying,calling upon Him to take my soul to heaven if I die.  I  asked the nurse to open their Bible   to Psalm 91 and put the Bible on top of my  heart. My heart was pumping fast. It was so hard to beat time, knowing that not only do I felt the pain in my heart, the vision of the devils kept  haunting me.  I said the Rosary given to me by the nurse. On the fourth day, the vision stopped because they could not made me stopped calling God.  Death was eminent and my faith to win God  persisted.  Then, the devils left me.    The fast palpitation  stopped . I asked to be transferred to a ward from the CCU where I stayed for another three  days . I was then released from the hospital after. I know that when one is dying, the devils would find their last means  that the soul will be theirs. That is the horror of death. I pray that Jesus and Mama Mary will be at my side if ever I was dying.
         My fervent wish is entering the kingdom of heaven. It is my ultimate goal in life. Please , God, help me to win heaven.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Jamie is a three year old granddaughter and she is also smart.

Jamie:   " Mommy , may I see if somebody gives you something?
Mommy:  " Ok. "
Jamie:  " Mommy, say Thank You. You are given something "

Jamie is generous. She always share her food to her friends.

This is Jamie's prayer  which I taught and remind her daily about it :

" Good morning , Lord; Good morning, Jesus; Good morning Holy Spirit ;  Thank you po. "

Pray for Safety

         Many accidents happened because the drivers are drunk, lack mechanical maneuvers, lack experience or  lack patience. Most of all, they lack faith on  the powerful guidance of God.         Before you drive, pause and pray.  Let God accompany you when you drive. Let God sit by your side to make maneuver easy. Pray for other drivers who crosses or make counterflow . Pray for all the drivers all around you so that God will clear the way for you and for all the drivers. In short, let God be your driver and you, His co-driver.  I know of one driver who almost fall into the ravine but his vehicle just hit the edge. His wife  who is my co -teacher  was not with him .  She prayed for God's guidance to accompany his husband while he drives. A minute or two of your prayer can protect you. Many drivers are too confident in driving but little do they   know that other driver are in a rush. Also, in Science, Impenetrability of matter counts that  " No two matters can occupy the same space at the same time."  Let the other driver get out from that space before you go in. In that way, accidents will not happen.

        When you are a passenger of an airplane, pray that God will sit beside the pilot. Pay for other pilots too. Always allow God to accompany your airplane . God is so powerful.  He is just waiting for us to acknowledge His presence wherever we are. Trust God. Call God in the name of His beloved son, Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Learn Self-control.

Learn self-control. Before it hurts you, always be alerted by the consequences before taking any action. I learn so much from it.  In everything, we must consult God first. Let God's power accompany us so that we can decide wisely according to His wishes. Remember that God has no control of what is in our will. We have our freedom to choose what is right or wrong. I did the wrong thing of embarking into loans for the sake of having money. I did the wrong thing of not using my time correctly, I am always in a hurry. Had I spent my time seeking God's graces first, I would have not suffered much. Here are the tips I would like to share with you

l.      Do not secure loans to have money to purchase  something which in later years will just be an old thing because of our desires and whims. Loans will lead to another loans.  Be contented what you have at present. Planning to make innovations in the house will motivate us to secure loans. God wants us to enjoy life simply.

2.      Save. No matter how small the cash at hand,   10  to 15  percent of the amount.must go to savings. Learn self-control not to use the money to buy what we desire. Buying expensive clothes is not the answer to  getting admiration. It is our good deed that catches attention.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


                 Problems often weaken our happy moods. But we must remember that God allowed us to have problems because He knows that we can solve them. First thing we do  is we must consult God first about the problem  .Inform Him of your problem, then through His guidance, you will be able to  find means to solve it as God has given you His spiritual blessings  and help to solve it. All problems have solutions. Seek God first for Him to guide us in solving the problem. TRUST GOD.  He is just waiting for us to tell Him about our problems. His solutions are always the best. In calling God, we must always remember that no one can come to Him without the Name of Jesus .  The Holy Spirit will shower us God's blessings and graces.

A three year old smart boy

Francis is just three years old . And what a smart boy! Here are some reasons why.

Hotel staff:  " Francis, can I have one of your ice cream cones? "
Francis:  "  No. "
Staff:  " Why? "
Francis:  Because you did not say please.  Right, Mom? "
Tita Honey: " Francis, just wait please 'coz I'm talking to my boyfriend on the phone."
Francis :   '' have three boy friends .  Alex ( who lives in England )
                  , Francis ( himself )
                  , and... and... Callum,   How many boyfriends do you have , Tita Honey?"
   (  Honey is fond of watching soap operas )
Francis :  " Tita Honey, we have to watch news so that we will know what happened
                  to our country and  all the broken cars."
We rode on a taxi in going home to the hotel

Francis:  "  Mommy, I want to eat  spaghetti  "
Mommy:  "  We will buy your spaghetti at the spaghetti shoppe"
Francis :  " Oh, but the taxi driver seems to have lost his way. I want to have my spaghetti. "

Upon arriving home, I cooked spaghetti for Francis and for the New Year celebration.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday , Lorna

               Lorna is my eldest daughter and celebrates her birthday today, February 13.  She always has a mind of her own and decides on matter intelligently. She views things practically. Like her siblings, Lorna makes you see facts. She can be your number one critic if you so decide to seek her comment for your own good.    

               HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MA. LORNA.  May you have the blessings and graces of God for you to carry on. I love you.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


           I have submitted my papers for retirement.  After all the plans, I let God do the rest.  I want an end to the many problems I faced: debts, loans, school problems. I know God allowed these solutions and I am very thankful to Him.  At the moment, my goal is to materialize what I have planned. Life is centered now on improving myself, my relationship with family and with God as my top priority. Retirement is a beginning of a new endeavor.  My co-teacher asked how old I was at the moment and told me that I am nearing wake. I told him that death comes to anyone .  It might be him to die  first  or me or the other teacher who was with us at that time. He did not expect that answer because he  remained quiet for a moment and stopped discussing about it.     Male teachers cracked jokes thinking that they will live longer because they are still in their fifties. In defense of old people, I always say that seniority in age  is not the rule of death.  My goal is to enter heaven , so help me God.