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Sunday, February 27, 2011

God, the Weather, and My Faith in Him

         One occasion, we had a tour and  the sea was rough. I began praying.  I asked God to give us a good weather.  Later , the sun appeared  and the sea was calm. The trip went on as scheduled and we had a happy island tour.
         On many occasions or special events. I   always pray to God to clear the sky.  When the sky was  dark, I know God would allow the rain to pour to give way to a clear sky. Then stars began to appear. For many times, God always hears my prayer on weather.  
        The Holy Bible says that the apostles were so afraid that their boat almost sank and Jesus was sleeping. So little was their faith. Then Jesus calmed the sea. 
        God definitely hears us . He is always there, waiting for us to call upon Him. Our fear would dampen our spirits but if we trust God, He will calm us. Sometimes , I am lost. My daughter would remind me about my faith in God. Then I let God handle my problem.
        One  day, I asked God why up to that time, we were so hard up." Is there no end to our sufferings?", I asked Him. I joined a group who were having their prayer meeting. We prayed . Still God did not answer me.  I complained to Him.  
        My prayers were then given answers by God. He showered me and my family with so many blessings and I told my children to give back what we received.  We helped those who are in need. I joined a bigger group and God continued to bless us despite some trials and sacrifices. I know God is always there, willing to listen to me again. To those who will read this, May I tell you that the most trying moment was when I got hospitalized due to heart ailment. I was confined at the ICU and from there, visions of devils  began haunting me.  I did not shout but prayed.. I asked to be transferred to another room which I learned was the CCU.
         I surrendered myself to God. For three days and three nights, I was haunted by the vision of evil spirits. I wanted to hold God's garment . I wanted Him to let me join the line and   be at the last for as long as the line leads me to Heaven.  I was almost dying.  One   false move by shouting  because of fear of seeing the various forms of the devil, would lead me to instant death. I tell you, it was horrifying. I continued praying,calling upon Him to take my soul to heaven if I die.  I  asked the nurse to open their Bible   to Psalm 91 and put the Bible on top of my  heart. My heart was pumping fast. It was so hard to beat time, knowing that not only do I felt the pain in my heart, the vision of the devils kept  haunting me.  I said the Rosary given to me by the nurse. On the fourth day, the vision stopped because they could not made me stopped calling God.  Death was eminent and my faith to win God  persisted.  Then, the devils left me.    The fast palpitation  stopped . I asked to be transferred to a ward from the CCU where I stayed for another three  days . I was then released from the hospital after. I know that when one is dying, the devils would find their last means  that the soul will be theirs. That is the horror of death. I pray that Jesus and Mama Mary will be at my side if ever I was dying.
         My fervent wish is entering the kingdom of heaven. It is my ultimate goal in life. Please , God, help me to win heaven.

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