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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


           I have submitted my papers for retirement.  After all the plans, I let God do the rest.  I want an end to the many problems I faced: debts, loans, school problems. I know God allowed these solutions and I am very thankful to Him.  At the moment, my goal is to materialize what I have planned. Life is centered now on improving myself, my relationship with family and with God as my top priority. Retirement is a beginning of a new endeavor.  My co-teacher asked how old I was at the moment and told me that I am nearing wake. I told him that death comes to anyone .  It might be him to die  first  or me or the other teacher who was with us at that time. He did not expect that answer because he  remained quiet for a moment and stopped discussing about it.     Male teachers cracked jokes thinking that they will live longer because they are still in their fifties. In defense of old people, I always say that seniority in age  is not the rule of death.  My goal is to enter heaven , so help me God. 

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