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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Learn Self-control.

Learn self-control. Before it hurts you, always be alerted by the consequences before taking any action. I learn so much from it.  In everything, we must consult God first. Let God's power accompany us so that we can decide wisely according to His wishes. Remember that God has no control of what is in our will. We have our freedom to choose what is right or wrong. I did the wrong thing of embarking into loans for the sake of having money. I did the wrong thing of not using my time correctly, I am always in a hurry. Had I spent my time seeking God's graces first, I would have not suffered much. Here are the tips I would like to share with you

l.      Do not secure loans to have money to purchase  something which in later years will just be an old thing because of our desires and whims. Loans will lead to another loans.  Be contented what you have at present. Planning to make innovations in the house will motivate us to secure loans. God wants us to enjoy life simply.

2.      Save. No matter how small the cash at hand,   10  to 15  percent of the amount.must go to savings. Learn self-control not to use the money to buy what we desire. Buying expensive clothes is not the answer to  getting admiration. It is our good deed that catches attention.

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