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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pray for Safety

         Many accidents happened because the drivers are drunk, lack mechanical maneuvers, lack experience or  lack patience. Most of all, they lack faith on  the powerful guidance of God.         Before you drive, pause and pray.  Let God accompany you when you drive. Let God sit by your side to make maneuver easy. Pray for other drivers who crosses or make counterflow . Pray for all the drivers all around you so that God will clear the way for you and for all the drivers. In short, let God be your driver and you, His co-driver.  I know of one driver who almost fall into the ravine but his vehicle just hit the edge. His wife  who is my co -teacher  was not with him .  She prayed for God's guidance to accompany his husband while he drives. A minute or two of your prayer can protect you. Many drivers are too confident in driving but little do they   know that other driver are in a rush. Also, in Science, Impenetrability of matter counts that  " No two matters can occupy the same space at the same time."  Let the other driver get out from that space before you go in. In that way, accidents will not happen.

        When you are a passenger of an airplane, pray that God will sit beside the pilot. Pay for other pilots too. Always allow God to accompany your airplane . God is so powerful.  He is just waiting for us to acknowledge His presence wherever we are. Trust God. Call God in the name of His beloved son, Jesus Christ.

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