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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A three year old smart boy

Francis is just three years old . And what a smart boy! Here are some reasons why.

Hotel staff:  " Francis, can I have one of your ice cream cones? "
Francis:  "  No. "
Staff:  " Why? "
Francis:  Because you did not say please.  Right, Mom? "
Tita Honey: " Francis, just wait please 'coz I'm talking to my boyfriend on the phone."
Francis :   '' have three boy friends .  Alex ( who lives in England )
                  , Francis ( himself )
                  , and... and... Callum,   How many boyfriends do you have , Tita Honey?"
   (  Honey is fond of watching soap operas )
Francis :  " Tita Honey, we have to watch news so that we will know what happened
                  to our country and  all the broken cars."
We rode on a taxi in going home to the hotel

Francis:  "  Mommy, I want to eat  spaghetti  "
Mommy:  "  We will buy your spaghetti at the spaghetti shoppe"
Francis :  " Oh, but the taxi driver seems to have lost his way. I want to have my spaghetti. "

Upon arriving home, I cooked spaghetti for Francis and for the New Year celebration.

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