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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One of the best days of my life

I requested from the following:  Holy Rosary, Holy Water, Scapular.( Brown and green )  . There were two envelops handed to me by the postman yesterday morning, one was for my neighbor who was not around ( I gave the envelope to him in the afternoon.) The other envelop was for me and when I  open it, there I saw the items. I was so happy. The feeling of  awe when I saw the Holy Water from France. Thank you Mama Mary.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank you , Lord

When I am in fear, I seemed to have forgotten that there is the Lord who will want to carry the fear for me. I forgot that He had restored the beating of my heart to normal. So  blessed to have the courage to call an office  for an advice. I was so afraid of the result but when she gave me an assurance, I felt relieved. What was the fear about will be told next time I write.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Leighanne sings

       Leighanne  wants to take a bath and  she stood facing the faucet  She sang Twinkle , twinkle little star..After pouring some water on her head, she sang  the composition of  her uncle  
Tommy for his wife, Maria Clarinda. She sang " Maria Clarinda, baby " repeating it many times and sang to the original tune. Leighanne is only three years old but she is such a smart girl.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My real ambition in Life

        Much as I have the qualities and the quantities to become a school principal , I never worked out my papers. to  become a school principal  I passed the principal's examination and had been appointed officer in charge many times. I am outsmarted by my co-teachers. 
        My looks are simple. I do not wear make-up. Hardships and trials  are  my companions in life. .  I almost died when I was young, having been  thrown into the river by my cousin even if I did  not know how to swim. I almost died of heart ailment. GOD must be hearing me all the times. I keep hoping and praying to enter the Kingdom of Heaven , my real ambition in life.  God has been good to us these past years.My family can eat good food, enjoy amenities in life, courtesy of my children. But no one can give me the happiness I longed for, the Kingdom of Heaven. It is only God who can give me that. I had a vision of devils  which I fought against with the help of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Mama Mary  helped me, too. I prayed fervently.and the devils vanished from my vision after three to four days  of praying.
        I had learned  the practice of the old folks to say " Tabi po" ( Excuse me ) every time I urinate in the dark or in unknown place.  It is now taboo for me.  Why asked the unknown bad spirits  for excuses to urinate. Afraid of bad things to happen ?   I asked God to accompany me when I urinate anywhere in the dark because the devil is always afraid of God. When I am afraid, I asked God to be at my side because I am in fear. God was really there because after some minutes my heartbeat comes back to normal.
        I hope and pray that my children share the same ambition with determination to go to heaven. and to practice living free of sin.  GOD BLESS US ALL

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Advice to mothers

  Internet could  pose problem to interest in study, In some ways, yes, But the use of internet is beneficial to young people. Guide your children in Math and all other difficult subjects. In You Tube, let your children write the topic which they need further explanation. Not only that, other websites have simple explanations. Just type in the URL any topic and it will open to the site . Rather than allowing your children to play games on the internet why not help them in their lessons by typing the topic on You tube. Mothers can be of help to the children who are poor in Math, Science or other subjects  by the use of internet. Try it. It helps. God bless.

Internet is a big help, Thanks God.

When my daughters bought computers for home use, I was so happy. I have read online that old people who use the internet can prevent Alzheimer's  disease . And I  believe on that study. It helps me. On top of that , I further came to know God, the blessed Virgin Mary  and the teachings of the Bible. God bless my children for the wonderful gift. I am trying to gain more rest than spend more time on it because I have an insomnia. I hope that I can be of help to non-believers of God. Faith in God is my strength in calling Him to cure  illness in the family and  my guide to saving my soul. .

Pray the Holy Rosary

This is link of  Sr. Elena about the earth''s future and it is gaining ground.  Events of the earth are proofs. Please pray the Holy Rosary everyday of your life. I want people to believe before it is too late, I had a vision of how the devil looks like when I got sick and confined at the hospital. There were hundreds of them who tried to weaken my faith and get  me. It was only my firm belief in God that saved me from possible death through heart attack. I had my first illness in my heart . I prayed  and prayed and it saved me from death.  Pray the Holy Rosary everyday before it is too late. 

You may type on you tube " Sr. Elena warns of Russia and their secret armies "  Read the details