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Friday, January 21, 2011


            Do you suffer? Of course any body can suffer. Your sufferings maybe different from mine. But I have suffered wanting in food , want of money to pay debts, I suffered a lot. When I got sick with heart ailment, the more I suffered. But all these sufferings I gave them to God because I know that God wants to carry my burden. He hears me. I almost died. One shout for fear while in the hospital would cause me instant death. But I prayed. I sought God's help  and He listened to me. Suffering is not what we thought of as suffering. We shared the sufferings of Christ. Let us all pray not to go to hell. God does not want us to die a painful death but if we keep on sinning then , it is our own doing. Start doing good. Change for the better. If you want more in money, that is having two masters. I want God more than money. 
           God suffered the most. We only have a small share of His sufferings and yet we complained.God suffered humiliation, pain in all of His body. pain in His heart. We have to ponder about God's sufferings. I let God do physical therapy on the body of an ailing patient and I know God did it. He is now recovering fast. Thank you God for the wonderful gift of life. The patient and I prayed together. I let God solve all my problems. I know the solutions are coming, one at a time.
          Don't give up. Hold on and pray. I believe in God's healing power.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Watching fireworks from a mansion house.

                The beauty and design of fireworks dazzled me. Yes, I was watching it from a room. With a glass covered windows, it was still worth  seeing those fireworks last December 31 from 10 p.m. till midnight, the start of the New Year. 
                   We were staying at  a mansion house in Makati City. I viewed the fireworks display from the seventh floor, although , I could not see where it came from because the taller building blocked the full view.
                   The air I know is polluted and the fireworks could add more to the already heavily polluted place.In Davao City, firecrackers are banned and so are fireworks display and for many years, sounds of blaring sirens, tin cans with string tied to a vehicle. kitchen utensils , and people merrily shouting and greeting other people could just be heard. Davao City is casualty-free during a  New Year celebration.