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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blessings from God

        Count your blessings from God and thank Him. God will add more. Counting your problems day by day without asking God in prayer to solve them   and complaining to yourself and others about problems. Life is a blessing in itself. I have than it before . In prayer, I complained to God regarding my problems. Will it no longer end? But God, being a loving Father, was in control. I just did not understand Him at all. 
      When we are suffering, we forget that Jesus suffered the most . We said our prayer in lip service. We memorized the " Our Father "   and any prayer taught to us. Yet our prayers are not sincere. God is listening to our prayers. He sees what are  in our hearts. Simultaneously, God has the power to answer prayers of millions of people on earth in one moment.  Consult God first before making decisions. We have  many failed decisions because we did not consult God first.
        God has saved me from instant death. God allowed me to defeat  evil spirits through my prayers. I am really thankful to God to have given me second life. I asked God to be with my children . I am sure that God is with them and for them. God makes all things possible.

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