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Sunday, August 8, 2010


 Francis - July 13   
          Hi Francis. Your birthday with your friends and family was the happiest moment. We all love you, langga. Happy birthday. Smile sa grandma bi. Pagka cute sa smile o.

Claire   -July 29

" May you have many blessings and more birthdays to come. We all love you. "
                                 Claire and son Kaegan
 Justin- August 14

           Hello Justin. It will be your birthday on the 14th of this month. Wishing you Happy Birthday. We all love you. Your smile is your greatest asset. Keep it on. You never fail to charm us with your simple smile.


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  1. Hello mother! Thanks for the post about Justin. It's very much appreciated. 2 days more to go and our precious one will turn one. Oh how time flies so fast.