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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Household Tips

   1. Half-cooked rice- Pour water into a cup at half-full  and put it  on top of the half-cooked rice. Cover and
put under low fire.

   2. Hot water scalding - Pour cooking oil on the affected area. Wait until the pain  stopped.  Do not put
 anything    on the red mark except the oil. Water and oil do not mix. So, the hot water evaporates.

  3. Gizzard of animal break the stones that they  have  eaten    Gizzard can break  kidney stones in human  beings       too   Remove the white membrane lining the inside of the gizzard of a native chicken and wash it. Let it dry.. In a glass of water, put dried gizzard membrane and drink the water. It is somehow bitter in taste. You can repeat it in as many times as you can. Gizzard of chicken is a good food too.

   4.  My pomelo tree  did not bear fruits for many years.  I cut the main branch and  other branches leaving only four to five . This allowed new branches to grow and  bear fruits. We harvested  many sweet , juicy pomelos later.

   5. Urinary tract infection- I suffered this ailment a long time ago. It was painful. Upon advice, I gathered the plant sinaw sinaw /shiny bush /olasiman. This  grows in your garden . It has a shiny leaf . and thrive without watering for many days.I washed  the plants without removing the roots, boiled a pitcher of water with the leaves. I drank the water and had to consume the water in one morning. Soon, I urinate that sometimes without notice water came out of my body even before reaching the toilet.

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