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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Justin at 15 months

         Justin was born in Australia. He is a cute little boy who does errands greatly.Every time his mom requested him to do such thing as giving things to persons, keeping things in proper place, etc, he promptly does it. And his best asset is his ready smile for everyone. I enjoy  it when he say es for yes , ta for thank you , is for promise yet he correctly pronounce Nana , papa, tita, , dada, mama. .All my grandchildren are goodlooking boys and girl. They are the envy of many of my friends and co-workers.
        Justin is now here in the Philippines with his parents for a long vacation and will be back to Australia in January 2011. Seeing Justin for the first time lifts my spirit and fills my heart with joy. Hope to see the other boys as soon as they come here to visit us. I missed them. .

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