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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


        Charice is one singer that I admire most.. Her struggle to help her family is one of a kind. She joined  almost 100 singing contests  to help feed her family. Her mom is her hero. Her talent  is a gift. She had no formal training in music and yet she can sing the song as clearly and  beautifully . To be called " laser beam " is something.
         She can easily hit the high note as instructed and she does it perfectly. I am addicted to Charice way of singing. Her humility , sense of humor, responsibility as a child among others make me truly admire her.  Her voice has improved through the years. As the only Asian singer whose album belongs to the top 10 in Billboard. Charice fame is parallel to that of Manny Pacquiao. While Manny is in boxing, Charice is in music. Both of them have contributed  in giving honor and prestige to our country. More power to the two celebrities . To Mr. David Foster, thank you so much. I am truly inspired by your music..

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  1. i agree 100% with everything that winterspring said. charice is indeed an inspiration, truly an "icon" - not just "of tomorrow" but now even as we speak. and, yes, "charice is to music, as manny is to boxing." both have placed pinas in the limelight.