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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Comfort, Comfort My People

            Isaiah40:1 says " comfort, comfort My people. Says your God". "  I know many people are suffering- illnesses, extreme hunger, pain, death of loved ones, lost of loved ones and many other types of pains.  I want to surrender all their sufferings to God. And  to these people, surrender them. God can carry the load more than what you carry. And He is there, just waiting for us to tell Him. Sometimes, we decide on things and not consult God first. In short, we judge according to our will and ways.
           Simple matters are taken into our hands without God' blessings. When I prayed that Ma. Venus Raj will enter into the finals and was granted, I then come to realize that her answer to the question raised by one of the judges is based on her will. God did not dictate Maria the right answer. Venus Raj's answer was her own. Major, major reason why she answered that is because is was right for her and not right for others. Many celebrities and non celebrities gave their supposed answer to the question. It cost her the crown? Perhaps , yes.  It is a big comfort that she still wins.  Folks, there is always a second chance. God does not allow us to carry load which is not bearable. there is always Him who is the Master of solutions to every problem.
           Strong faith in Him is all what we need.  Let God carry the burden. He is willing to carry them. He lightens our load. God bless us all.

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