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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Never despair

            When I expect the worst thing to happen , I just say to myself, " Let it be" It's part of life plan to have it happened. Worst comes to worst, I don't want to get worried nor wish for death. You are blessed because you do not have some heart disease. I do have. I saw on you tube how souls suffered after death. I always put in mind that heaven is pure with no single sin committed by a soul and if with sin, it is totally forgiven. As I had a vision of the devils before, I always wish for heaven. And I hope to receive a good and inspiring death with Jesus and Mama Mary on my side.
            Fire penetrate the soul without decay and like an open fire, souls are thrown upward bouncing with one another. Souls are also placed in one tunnel according to the sins and punished then transferred again to another and there punished for other sins committed. .And this is continually done without end. Hell is a torture chamber. We do not know when we die. But we do know that hell is punishment for sins.
            The real reason why I quit my job and retire early  at this age and do not wish to retire at age 65 is that I want to stay away from the source of sin. Sins  must be  totally eradicated.. I  opted to quit than put my soul at stake. At home , my only job is to do household chores, be quiet for a while and  the internet which is a panacea for me.  God bless and pray for always.

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