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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hot Water Scalding

I attended a seminar in Mathematics. Our trainer, during break time, told us how to treat hot water scalding. While she was in Baguio City, her husband at home in Davao City called her by cellphone that his chest was accidentally poured with hot water. She told her husband to remain calm and instructed him to get some unused cooking oil and pour it on his chest. . He should never wipe it nor touch it. An hour passed and her husband called her that his chest was healed without a blister . It was totally healed as if nothing happened.
One time, while I was pouring very hot water in a thermos bottle, my entire hand was accidentally scalded with hot water coming from the kettle. It was so painful that I cried . I remembered the advise of my trainer in Math. I immediately poured some cooking oil on my entire hand. It hurt but I just kept calm, and my hand kept burning. An hour later, the pain was relieved. I saw my hand did not have any blister and it was back to my normal skin. Thank you, Lord for giving us a trainer in Math who shared her knowledge in treating hot water scalding.


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