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Friday, March 4, 2011


               Thinking of our worries does more harm than good. It does not only give us stress minds but it separates us from God. We solve problems through our own understanding and we forget that there is God who is just waiting for us to tell Him all about it.  We solve problems by ourselves.
                A  father saw the letter written by a teacher that his son can not make it to the graduation. the letter was written two months ago.  He consulted his son who was afraid of telling him and feared he might get angry.  
                The father who has  faith in the Lord kept his calm and told his son to try for the next year if he could not make it.  In a few weeks, another letter came telling him that his son made it to the list. Had the parent scolded the son  or said harsh words to him, his son could have done the worst by going away  to another place.  It is important that we let God solve the problem because God promised us that He will guide us which path to take in solving the problems. We must consult God first in everything we do.

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