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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A friend's pride

              A friend had for a number of times showed off her bundles of money to me. She even offered the bundle to me, then put it back inside her big pocket. In my presence, counting 30 yens with a value of ten thousand each bill amounted to more than one hundred pesos .  Sometimes, when neighbors gathered, she would show her money to me and offered the bundle.  Think about it. Pride is in her heart. Her fingers showed off gold rings and gold necklace .
             God knows what is in a man's heart. My relatives and friend would somehow tell me to do the same to her by displaying big amount of money which my son-in-law gave to fully pay the house mortgage. I said no. God  will be angry at me. Time flies and this friend loses some wealth and no longer displays  gold rings on many of her fingers. I don't know what happened to these jewelries. Pawned or placed inside a jewelry box  remained a good guess.  It is a good sample of reflecting that wealth is lost when a person is greedy or boastful. God curses blessings when  He is not at the center of our hearts.

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