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Friday, March 11, 2011

Our little girl Jamie

               Jamie will turn four on March 31.  This morning , Jamie assisted me in cooking. She peeled the plastic wrap of hotdogs . Then , I cooked fried rice. She helped me and used another ladle. With my assistance, we were able to cook it.  Standing on a chair, she began washing the utensils, used liquid soap detergent, then rinsed them with water. Glasses, spoons, fork, bowls, plates, ladles, platters were the items being washed. When she heard the sound of the motor, she called on her father to wait for her. I just told her to go , so I continued washing the remaining four items of dishes.
               With my guidance, I let her pray to God to save and help the people of Japan in Jesus name. That was in addition to her daily morning and evening prayer to greet the Holy Trinity. Jamie is very generous, sharing her food to her friends. 

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