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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vengeance is not ours.

            When we are angry, we are hurting ourselves. God does not want us to make revenge. It is His work. Let us offer our sorrow, hurt feelings, our sentiments to God. Yes , When God hears them, He will console us, pacify us and give us peace.  I was wrong at times when I talked about my sentiments to my close friend, to my family or close relatives. I did not offer these ill-feelings to God.  I carried the burden and it made me sick.
            I thought of avenging people who hurt me and I sinned in thought. My hurt feelings just come out of my mouth because it is said that what is in our hearts comes out through our mouth. As I read a verse, I stopped
the thought of avenging someone who hurt me. I am sorry, Lord. I should have offered that to you.
            My brother-in-law who lives in another province came to visit us to seek advice regarding his boss who wanted  his house evicted. He could not sleep and  it showed sign on his health. He got a little thinner. His boss sided with his co-employee when they argued..  I advised him to offer his boss to God and to be careful in his work. I told him to open the verse on Psalm 91 on his office table and in his house after he prays it. He will be protected by that prayer.
            My advise on how my family were protected during Martial Law when the military and the rebels clashed. I was afraid because my husband was not around. To overcome fear and to be able to sleep, I opened the Bible to Psalm 91, read it and placed it near the headboard. I was already assured that God protected us and He did.  Thank you, Lord.

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