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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let God handle our money.

           When we receive our salary, the first thing that we do is buy what we like, pay our bills, Did we pray to God how to handle our money?  God provides us work and receive salary. Money is given by God to strengthen our relationship with Him.  I had received money but never let God decide for me. I did not wait for Him. And it was a very big mistake. I should have offered  my salary to Him and let Him decide what to do with my money. Money slipped through my hands because God curse that blessing.  If only I had prayed and waited for God's answer, I would not have  problems at all.  Man always decide on his own what to do with the money he had on his hand. He forgets the Giver of that money.  We should really pray for God's guidance what to do with our money. We must wait for His guidance because God  always has a speedy answer on what to do with the money. But when we decide on our own, God can not control us because we did not let Him control our finances.

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