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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Send- off Party

               The president of the faculty club wanted me to set a date for the send off program. Personally, I don't want it. I just want to leave school quietly.  Talks or speeches about my achievements and my contribution to the school are not big deal for me  . I could have been promoted but I chose not to. I left school with the lowest salary grade. I am glad I did. What is pride  and honor? It will not help my soul.
               Trophies and medals and many certifications are nothing compared to a better relationship with God. Those things will lost their glories and their values.  And only those people who knew you can remember your achievements.  People who do not know you will just put you in oblivion or may throw away the trophies and medals that were displayed to give way to the new ones.  That is similar  to a person who visits his hometown and no one greets him  because he no longer lives there. These people may not recognize him anymore and the new faces do not bother to welcome him..  But God always remember who we are even when we were not yet born.  He knows everything about us. And He is just there to welcome us back.  God has a great love for us and while we commit sins, He wants us to be truly sorry for them. Material things are given by God, but if we deny Him because we have acquired wealth and forget Him, God can easily get  it back.
                It is a choice. Money or God.  I prefer God. He is  the Greatest Provider and I wont go hungry.

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