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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


                 I invited people at a party in our house. They partake all the foods served. There were  kare-kare, birthday cake, mango float, spaghetti , carbonara, among others.  When we had a meeting at the chapel , the suggestion as to where the priest , his staff of choir and altar boy  would eat dinner  after the Holy Mass ,was made and it was suggested that the residence of the Barangay Captain will be the venue of the dinner. It was a common practice that the members of the community will share, prepare food  and delivered at the house of a member as suggested and agreed upon by the group.      
              Each member suggested his or her food to prepare and the house helper for the Barangay Captain looked at me and suggested that I cooked carbonara. At first she could not name the food but she remembered some of the ingredients and so came up with the exact name of the recipe. She said that she tasted it and found it tasty and delicious. She suggested that I cook it. So I said yes.
             Then another meeting came and the venue was the residence of my daughter whose house is just a stone throw away from our house.  I cooked their favorite carbonara which is my signature recipe for the group.
                 Here is the recipe:

                 1 kilo flat spaghetti noodles
                 2 carbonara mix
                 2 cream of mushroom soup
                 salt to taste
                 slices of ham'
                 1/4 kilo strips of chicken ( previously boiled )
                 1 Nestle cream
                 1 big can of evaporated  milk
                 2 cooked egg ( optional)

                 Saute garlic, then add onion  and add cream of mushroom soup mixed in water.  Add cube slices of ham.Stir then add chicken, milk, and carbonara mix. Stir . Add the Nestle cream and season to taste. Pour the gravy to the previously cooked flat spaghetti . Spread cheese on top. Serve hot.

Note. Stir in one direction only when cooking food that make use of milk in their product.



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