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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Funny but Embarrassing

            In college, My relatives and I went inside a ship to send off another relative who  was going  home from a vacation. I could not exactly remember what I wore that time . When it was time for us to go. we went to go downstairs. the stair was made of steel. I was ahead of them.  Passengers downstairs were on their respective double deck beds . some were sleeping. Others were just sitting and observing other passengers; some talking to others. . I went down the stairs but suddenly I went down  fast. . It was some 8 to 10 steps stair, I hit the bottom of the stair but standing up . I hit only the edges of the steps going down past another step. It was as if the stair was just an inclined plane and slippery. The noise I created upon hitting the bottom made some passengers awake  and surprised. 
          Many of them were afraid  I might incur some broken bone. I was just fortunate. My special angel just guided me down. My relatives were afraid but suddenly laughed. Shock as I was, I just smiled and laughed with them. Although, very embarrassed, I could only muster a word of thanks. 

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