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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The bending Bamboos

               My late mother told us a story about the bending bamboos.  There were bamboos growing near the small dry creek located on a mountain where they lived. The bamboos were very tall.  Stories were told about the bending bamboos on  late night and sending  a person up that may cause accident or death.
              One late  night , my mother (I don't  remember if she had a companion that time), was walking towards a path near the bamboos. She noticed that the tall bamboos began to bend. My mother ever a brave person, continued walking and uttered repeatedly the name of Jesus she made her way through every bamboo. At her back, she noticed that the bamboos returned to their normal positions. She passed by them without being catapulted upwards. In times like that, never forget that the name of Lord , Jesus, and the Holy Spirit can ward off any bad spirits.  The evil spirits roamed around. Never forget to let God accompany you wherever you are, even when you are  travelling.

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