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Friday, March 11, 2011

A Moment of Truth

            Japan's earthquake and tsunami are strong reminders of our vast destruction of God's creations. God created the earth and all its glory to make it worthwhile and pleasant to live. But man destructed the earth's mantle and soil. Man , without satisfaction, mined the earth's ground to cloth others with jewelries and fashion. Man, indeed, is greed. I, myself, is guilty of destructing the earth. I started now to segregate waste to give way to fresh air. My little start will somehow motivate me to be on guard so that I will no longer put any waste material for others to burn in dump sites. 
              I now start putting vegetable peelings to a container to rot. In that way, I can plant vegetables on the rotten peelings.  Guilty as I am, I hope God will forgive me for helping in the destruction of His wonderful earth.  The earth's plate destruction  is tremendously attributed  to man's desire to unleash power,  thereby,  putting it in non - stability. Wastes , in millions of tons released in different places on earth are  one of the reasons why  global warming affects us. Climate change is felt everywhere. It is time to reflect. 

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