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Sunday, March 13, 2011

God knows what is in our hearts

               What is in our hearts, comes out through the mouth.  When man is angry, he can not voice out words of love through his mouth. He feels it in his heart, so the words coming out of his mouth are words of  anger, curse, etc. It is time to reflect. We commit sin in thought, in words, and in deed. If man does not kill a person using a weapon because he cannot afford to kill a person but his thought of wishing him to die is still a sin. 
                I  reflect on life after death. Thinking of hell and its eternal pain made me pray  to God that should I die, I want Jesus and Mama Mary to be at my side.  If we do not reflect on death , we will not be able to picture what would happen if we do not repent. We refuse to think of death, some knocking on wood thinking  it makes their life longer. Death knows no time. God knows when we die and what is in our hearts. 

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