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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Doctor Fishes

              When my family and I went to Manila, we toured the Manila Ocean Park. It was a beautiful experience. At the exit, we went up and  we saw the area  where the doctor fishes are found. I read about the doctor fishes. Then my two children and I paid P 150.00 each for the foot spa which lasted for twenty minutes and went to the pool where the doctor fishes are found. I had an aching tendon and my feet smells bad. With a towel each that were given to us, we dipped our feet in the pool and the fishes gathered around  us.There were thousand of small and bigger fishes who feasted on  the dead cells of many feet.
              There were also other people with us, children and adults.  It was a very tickling experience. The fishes bit  the dead cells of my feet and I just ignore the very tickling sensation.  After a a few minutes, we transferred to another pool and let the bigger fishes bit the dead cells of our feet. After twenty minutes, we wiped our feet.
              My feet no longer smells bad and my tendon is not aching anymore.  I am planning to go back and pay more to have more minutes of foot spa.  This  God's little creations made wonderful healing on me. Thank you, Lord.

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