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Monday, March 14, 2011

Have problems?

       Problems make us weak and worry. What to do when worry comes. Praying to God is the first and foremost thing to do when worry sets in. Let us not pray just for lip service. As what I have said, God knows what is in our hearts. Pray to God with all our hearts. Pray with faith. God carries our burden and help us find solutions to the problem. He relaxes our minds and we always feel this after praying.  God created fruits for us to use in relaxing our minds.
        Banana contains certain amino acids which our body will turn it into some substance which will allow us to relax .  When I was operated on appendectomy way back in 1969, my body was weak. I could not even hold a ballpen for longer than  two minutes. I easily got tired. I ate bananas and I found out that I felt relaxed, free of stress from my worry about post operation. Unlike today, operation at those times take longer in healing. It took me a month to be certain that I was already capable of doing work. 

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