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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Muslim Students in Our School

            In my more than 30 years of teaching at Maa National School in Davao City ,  I have high regards for the Muslim students. They are  the most  peace-loving group of students.. They  seldom  get into trouble. We are also proud that the first "Byaneng ng Kadayawan"  came from our school. 
          I am thankful to the  Muslim leaders in helping maintain peace in the community especially in school.  One of my students, Djamil Dariday, a Muslim,  always greet me when I am online. He graduated from high school in 1993. And up to this day, he is one person who showed gratefulness, respect,  camaraderie , and help discipline his Muslim brothers  in the community.  He has a very good sense of humor. He always make us laugh. 

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