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Friday, April 8, 2011


            I have just retired from teaching. The faculty club really wanted to give a testimonial party for me but I declined for the nth time. Yesterday, my co-teachers told me about it , but I refuse it.  I no longer  appreciate praises because I have been used to it when I decorate the stage, winning in competitions, among others. I simply want a quiet exit from the school.
            They have already given praises before and that was enough for me. It's been a month now since I went on retirement. I enjoyed my life now with work such as gardening, blogging to share my experiences, chatting with my daughters from abroad, praying for myself, family and other people, I will be travelling to other places.
            My retirement gives me more time to ponder on my new endeavors. I want to have a renewed relationship with God, the Giver of life and blessings.

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  1. Good on you ma! I am so pleased about it. Hope you enjoy life more now. Hope to see you soon here down under. Love you ma!