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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Lady of Lourdes statue

 Welcome , Mama Mary.

             I now have a bigger statue of our Lady of Lourdes. With a height of more than two feet, the statue needs a new altar. I had a small statue before but sad to say, I was not able to get it back from the shop. Our lady of Lourdes made a big impact on my life when I open the website on her grotto in France.  From then on, I always  write petitions and she has answered my prayers. The statue will travel again to the place where it was blessed and stay there for two days during the LSS seminar.  

           You may write your petitions to our Lady of Lourdes by using my email- Your petition will be placed at the altar and I will personally pray the petition for you.. Thank you, Mama Mary.

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