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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Change in Family Name

           My husband's family name should have been written as ' Calungsod ' since the family name of his father is Calungsod as shown in the marriage contract of my husband's parents. My husband's relatives in Dinagat, Surigao have Calungsod as their  family name. Reading the marriage contract of his parents ,  my husband gave me  the reason that his father had changed the spelling from Calungsod to Calunsod for his children. In early 2000, I asked my mother-in-law about the life of his husband's parents. She said that his parents were  merchants from Bohol selling blankets and  Romblon mat which is known as " banig " in the Visayas. They had been selling these items in Cebu and Leyte, particularly in Hinunangan  where they also resided. My parents-in-law were married in Hinunangan, Leyte . 

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